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Hidden Details For Finding The Suitable Notary Services Dubai

Hidden Details For Finding The Suitable Notary Services Dubai

notary services dubai

Introduction: Importance of notary services Dubai & the UAE

Notary services are not limited to individuals only, but also businesses because in their core meaning they are used to verify all types of legal documents against any fraud or falsification. In other words, Notary services in UAE are used for legal compliance, authentication, and protection for any legal documents acquired by a business or individual.

As a modern capital in the business world, notary services Dubai provide legalization of various official acts, including:

  • Witnessing the signing of important legal documents.
  • Securing Oaths.
  • Verifying the identities of parties involved in a business or personal transaction for ensuring the authenticity and legality of documents for both parties.
  • Assuring legalized acts of contracts, agreements, and deeds.
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Meaning of Notary services Dubai

The utter meaning of notary services is related to authentication of the government to perform some specific legal tasks as per the law. Notarization in Dubai and the UAE is a very important matter especially, after the government allowed the lawyers to act as notary service providers for easing legal attestation inside the UAE.

In case of performing any foreign transactions abroad, attestation is needed for legal documentation through public notary Dubai. The reason for that is notarization is the only way of authenticating legal documents for specific usage whether inside the UAE or outside the country.

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Notary services in Dubai and other emirates

Notarization happens to vary across all the emirates such that notary services Dubai differs in procedures and attestation than Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. 

Taking into consideration: All notary services among all emirates in the UAE is done through the E-Notary system by a supervision and attestation of the UAE Ministry of Justice.

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Notary services in Sharjah are handled electronically through the website of Sharjah court that manages a wide range of services for the growing population of Sharjah. As a residential emirate as Sharjah, most of the documents attested and notarized are related to personal or individual kind of notaries such as marriage certificates (find out our Marriage Certificate Translation service), education certificates, and power of attorney (POA) for individuals and minimal businesses.

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Turning to Abu Dhabi, notaries services are attested electronically as well by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department for verifying the authenticity of documents including Power of Attorney (POA). When it comes to notary services in Dubai, Dubai Courts Notary Public is responsible for attesting legal documents and verification by the UAE ministry of Justice.

Various Notary Services Dubai

notary services in dubai

Notary services are a vast collection of verifications needed for legal documents. That’s why they exceed a list of 20 notary services just in Dubai! Keeping in consideration that over 10 specialized legalization agencies can help provide a bunch of public notary in Dubai

These services are categorized into 3 categories: Professional Notarization, Civil Notarization, and Power of Attorneys.

Professional Notarization:

  1. Commercial Agent Agreement
  2. Selling & Purchasing contract for legal entities
  3. Partnership Agreement
  4. Commercial Incorporation Contract
  5. Termination of Incorporation Contract
  6. Mortgage Contract
  7. Sole Proprietorship Contract

Civil Notarization:

  1. Marriage Certificates – Know More About Attesting Marriage Certificate in Dubai
  2. Intellectual Property Declaration
  3. Monthly Income Declaration
  4. Signatures Attestation
  5. Loan Waiver Declaration 
  6. Non-objection Declaration
  7. Wills & Complains verification

Power Of Attorneys (POAs):

  1. Sale-Purchase of property Power Of Attorney.
  2. General Power of Attorney
  3. Company Formation POA.
  4. Company Liquidation POA.
  5. Signature Authorization POA.
  6. Revocation of Power of Attorney.
  7. Special Power of Attorney

Difference between Private & Public Notary Dubai

Both notary services are used for enhancing legal documents credibility and enforceability that’s because documents are not legally verified in the UAE unless they are notarised by a public or private notary.

A notary public is an authorized person responsible for performing legal acts that varies depending on the type of document and the jurisdiction. As public notary in Dubai is the most common notaries in the UAE that it includes legalizing some functions as:

  • Verify the identity of the parties who sign a document whether by checking identification documents or personal knowledge.
  • Authenticate the signing of a document and ensure that it’s signed with full willingness without any coercion.
  • Administer affirmation to the parties, if required by the document or the law.
  • Place the official signature of the Notary Public on a document, and record the details of the notarial act.
  • Provide a certified copy of the original document, if required by the law or legal party.

On the other hand, a private notary is a professional individual typically with legal background assigned to perform notarial acts without holding any government appointments. As they are responsible for doing some specific legal actions including:

  • Document Authorization: Private Notaries can perform notarial legal acts based on professional experience and qualifications. As it’s supposed to happen after approval by a regulatory body.
  • Certain Legal Transactions: Private Notaries as well handle specific legal transactions, such as real estate deals, agreements, and contracts.
  • Rigid Supervision: Additionally, Private Notaries operate legal transactions under strict supervision, for the sake of ensuring legal compliance with ethical standards.
  • Legal Registration: That is mostly listed in official records, and adheres to specific guidelines set by relevant legal authorities.

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Types of documents required for electronic notary public Dubai

notary services dubai

In order to facilitate the process of document notarization by the UAE Ministry of Justice (MOJ), E-notary services are provided through different legalization agencies instead of going to a public notary office in Dubai . In addition, E-Notary services are having a whole category in the UAE MOJ website for easing the process of e-notarization.

E-notarization process requires submission of some documents that are tailored to match each document authorization. Major documents that are needed for most documents notarization are: 

  • Passport copy of the original.
  • Residence visa or Emirates ID (Emirates ID is mandatory for the e- notarization process at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department).
  • Any relevant paper for notarizing a particular document legally.

E-notarization process can differ for each emirate according to the legal body of notarizing documents in the emirate as Dubai Court & Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

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Steps to apply for public notary services Dubai

Certain steps should be followed to perform a notary service in Dubai through the official website of the UAE ministry of Justice, that are:

  • Register for a new account on the UAE PASS website.
  • Activate the application online.
  • Select the document that needs to be notarized.
  • Wait for the committee’s decision for notarization of acceptance or rejection with reasons
  • Pay the fees for the application.

Steps of notarization can differ if it’s about transferring real estate ownership that could include two more steps. Firstly, issuing a mutually advantageous agreement. Secondly, Checking real estate regulations for attesting transferring ownership.

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Issued Documents in a different language

Following the e-notarization process that’s set to be verified through the UAE Ministry of Justice, Public notary in Dubai should be properly attested under legal authority. That’s why it’s a must to follow a particular step for a legalized public notary. 

Moreover,  if a document is issued in a different language, it must be translated into English or Arabic, attested by the UAE Ministry of Justice & Foreign Affairs, and verified in the original country issuing this document from the beginning In order to go through the legal steps of public notary in Dubai.

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Conclusion: The way for notary services Dubai!

Though, it’s concluded that notary services in Dubai is a one-way process that could be even more facilitated through the UAE MOJ itself or even through legalization agencies in Dubai that can notarize, submit, and translate all your legal documents. Public notary in Dubai could be done whether you’re residing inside the country or not.

Moreover, finding an appropriate agent for finalizing all legal documents in Dubai isn’t a hassle anymore due to the many available options for legal agencies in the UAE.


Can a public notary witness two signatures?

Yes, public notaries can authorize different identities whether by passport or travel documents or any ID card issued in the UAE.

How much does it cost for Private Notarization in UAE?

The cost of notarization varies depending on the number of documents that need to be attested.

Why is it Important to translate notarized documents into Arabic?

The documents should be translated into Arabic before being notarized because they come from foreign countries. So that it should be attested by the government of that originating country and attested by the UAE authorities.

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