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The Process of Notarization in Dubai: Definition & Explanation

The Process of Notarization in Dubai: Definition & Explanation

notarization in dubai

Introduction: Background of Notarization in Dubai

Notarization of documents in Dubai is a major step for validating the process of authenticity of legal documents whether by a Notary Public or authorized lawyers. Notarization acts as a valid proof to ensure that a specific document is genuine and can be totally used by the person who verified it in front of a notary public.

Document Notarization in Dubai is a necessary step for any legalized documents to be attested from legal authorities for a secure usage, either for personal or business use.  

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Defining Importance of notarization in Dubai

The initiating purpose of notarization is to prevent legal documents from fraud and to make sure that the parties involved in this legal transaction are the ones who really own it. In order to provide more credibility and authenticity because the process of notarization in Dubai is usually used to ensure the legality and validity of a document

Another significant reason for document notarization Dubai is that if a legal document is notarized and in a way or another you lost it or even damaged it, a notary public can provide a duplicate copy of the original document to make up for it with the necessary stamps for authenticating it.

In other words, when a document is notarised, it benefits from a higher level of legal authenticity & credibility. When it comes to Dubai, Notary Public services are legalized to perform notarial acts under the official legislations of Dubai Courts. That’s why Notarization of documents in Dubai is super-fast, and easy.

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The needed situations to notarize documents in Dubai

Notarizing documents in Dubai might exist in specific situations to have a real need of a notarised document, theses situations include:

  • Power of Attorney: that happens when a person appoints an attorney to represent a client in front of the court, that attorney has to show off a notarised Power of Attorney to represent the meant client before court.
  • Ownership contract: that happens if some family members in Dubai want to handle their family’s common ownership affairs, a family notarization ownership contract should exist to help them manage it legally.
  • Eviction notice: that occurs when a landlord wishes to drive out a tenant, he/she has to serve a notarized notice so that it can be legally enforced by the landlord.

Notarization requirements can vary depending on the jurisdiction and type of document that need to be notarized, that’s why it’s necessary making sure to comply with all legal regulations and consult with a notary public or legal professional for a successful document notarization Dubai.

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How to notarize a document in dubai

Notarization in Dubai appears to happen through private and public notaries. That’s why the process of document notarization at a private notary starts with deciding the documents that need to be notarised & providing digital copies of them in order to facilitate the process on legal authorities and get them notarized as soon as possible.

Another criteria that can ease the process of notarization in Dubai is making sure that all the documents are translated in Arabic. Because when submitting any documents to the public notary, all of them should be legally authenticated and translated into Arabic for going through the process at ease.

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The process of document notarization in Dubai

The whole process of notarization in Dubai should be done carefully in order to avoid any disruptions or mistakes in notarizing documents. The steps for this process are:

  • Preparing Necessary Documents: Documents must be complete and accurate, from contracts, and agreements, to powers of attorney, affidavits, and any other legal documents.
  • Finding a Notary Public: Options should be from a licensed notary public in Dubai because notaries in Dubai are legalized by the Dubai Courts or the Dubai government.
  • Scheduling an Appointment: Notaries in Dubai usually work during regular business hours, that’s why it’s important to book an appointment for an appropriate timing in advance.
  • Visiting the Notary Public: Meetings with the notaries in Dubai should be attended in person. As both parties (or their representatives) involved in the document must show in the meeting.
  • Authenticating through Notary Public: That happens by identifying the identity of the parties involved with ensuring that they sign the document willingly and without any coercion.
  • Witnessing Signatures: This step is particularly important for certain legal agreements such as wills, and powers of attorney.
  • Notary Sealing and Signature: In this step, the Notary Public will verify the authenticity of the document. In case the document is deemed as valid, they will use their official stamp and sign the document.
  • Getting Certified: The notary certificate might be attached to the document for the sake of providing information about the notarization including the names of the parties involved, and the type of notarization.
  • Paying the Fees: That might vary depending on the number of documents, and the type of notarization.
  • Getting the Document Officially Notarized: The document is currently considered legally verified and authenticated by the relevant authorities ready for any use.

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Difference between certified & notarized document in Dubai

It might differ depending on their purposes and what each term is meant in legal transactions.

A notarized document is a document that goes through the notarization process that’s performed with a notary public. A notary public is considered an official legal authority appointed by the government to verify documented signatures, and legalize oaths authenticity. Notarization is required for legal documents such as legal contracts, powers of attorney, and property deeds.

As well when a document is officially notarized, the notary public assures the identity of the signatory and adds an official stamp, signature, and date to the document.

On the other side, a certified document is typically done by a governmental authority, or a designated entity to verify the copy of an original document is true and accurate. Certified copies are usually used when the original document is retained for other purposes, so that a verified copy is required for legal reasons including birth certificates, educational certificates, and identification documents

That’s why the certification process always requires a stamp or certification statement to the copy, along with the signature for verifying the legal authority of the copy.

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Documents required for notarization in Dubai

Some necessary documents should be provided for a successful notarization in Dubai. Theses documents include:

  • Presence of original document.
  • Valid Emirates ID.
  • Valid original passport.
  • Proof of the address.
  • Documents which are required to support the notarization transaction whether attested from foreign countries or legally notarized.
  • Documents provided must not fall under the notary prohibitions, or any other local jurisdiction.

As related legal agents or representatives must be present during the notarization process in order not to fall in any misleading affairs. Moreover, providing a recent utility bill from the last three months could be enough for confirming a specific residential address.

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Types of notarized document in Dubai

There are a lot of documents that need to be notarized in Dubai, these documents might include but not limited to:

  • Corporate documents for a company launching their existence in another country. Notarizing all the documents is required by legal authorities for easing the process.
  • Marriage certificate: notarization of the marriage certificate is mandatory to verify the legalization of marriage. 
  • A resident visa for the spouse: the marriage certificate has to be notarized from the foreign country’s legal authority and legal authorities in the UAE.
  • Academic certificate: for acting as a proof of educational achievements. Notarization of these certificates prove that the documents are valid for use in Dubai.
  • Contracts that should be legalized and authenticated by signatures.
  • The wills of Non-Muslims.

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Conclusion: Notarization in Dubai in brief!

Document notarization in Dubai could be a hassle process for performing any legal acts, but going through the steps carefully can facilitate the whole process. That’s why notarization of documents in Dubai is a legalized authenticity by a public notary for any legal uses including personal, professional, and business documents.

Hence, it’s a mandatory process authorized by the UAE official governmental entities for performing many kinds of acts legally.


What are the restricted documents for notarization?

Some documents can not be authorized by public notaries including:

  • Any documents that are related to the personal status of Muslims.
  • Any related transactions for any kind of ownership property and right for establishment.
  • Any transactions that might violate ethics and public law.
How much does it cost for notarizing a document in Dubai?

The cost of notarization of documents in Dubai can vary depending on the number of documents and the nature of documents that need to be notarized.

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