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Customer Satisfaction

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Committed to serving our clients

Being committed to serving clients means dedicating oneself to providing excellent customer service and prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of the client. It involves going above and beyond to meet their expectations and building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. Being committed to serving clients requires active listening, clear communication, and a willingness to understand and address their unique needs and concerns. It is a key component of any successful business and helps to create loyal and satisfied clients who are likely to return and refer others to the business.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Ultimate Aim

Our ultimate aim, at Arkan Translation, is to provide professional translation in Dubai and customer service that exceeds the expectations of our clients and fulfills all their requirements in terms of turnaround, quality, and accuracy to get customer satisfaction.

We seek to improve industry standards of Arabic professional translation services in the Middle East as a leading translation agency having its social responsibility and institutional mission to achieve. Thus, we have now a large pool of prestigious clients that trust us as their language partners and count on us in all their translation works.

Quality assurance filters

Each project goes through QA filters to ensure the highest quality

Fast Translation

Our large network of translators helps us provide the fastest translation in Dubai

Latest Technologies

We keep pace with emerging techniques in the translation industry


While some translation companies calculate translation costs per page or per hour, we calculate our translation charges per word with no minimum fees. The price you pay for translation is based on volume, so you can afford to translate anything and everything.

High quality at low rates

Our translation process is consisting of four quality assurance filters and our full-time team of translators allows us to deliver a top-notch human translation at world-beating prices. No other translation company can provide fast, high-quality translation at a more competitive rate.

Simple Process

Arkan Translation follows up a simple process for ordering, translation, and payment that saves time, effort, and headaches for our clients. All our process is done online with just a few clicks on your keyboard, and if you need a hard copy of your translation, we deliver the translation to your door.

Qualified team

We have pre-tested and highly qualified translators in every country in the Arab World, ready to provide you with creative and professional translation in Dubai of all your documents at any time and with any dialect.

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