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Leading Translation Agency

Arkan Translation is a translation company in Dubai specialized in legal translation for most language pairs having a network of certified translators and serving a pool of valuable clients worldwide based on trust and professionality.

translation company in Dubai

Premium Certified Translation Company in UAE

Today, the competitive edge belongs to only those who have the power to resist and go out of the box, those who find the perfect balance between creativity, client preference, and practicality, and those who can effectively harness their talents in driving businesses to new successful horizons. We resist the overwhelming pressure to stick to time and money constraints at the expense of quality by following a strict translation process that guarantees the highest quality of translation projects at all times. We resist the usual by providing our clients with effective and sustainable language solutions using the latest technologies and standards in the translation industry. 

Native Content

Each translation project is translated and proofreads by our native translators

Fast Translation

Our large network of translators helps us provide the fastest translation in Dubai

Latest Technologies

We keep pace with emerging techniques in the translation industry

Native Legal Translators in UAE

Our highly qualified and dedicated legal translators in Dubai have extensive experience and deep background of and passion for legal translation in UAE. We select only the translators who can meet our strict quality procedures. Each one of our legal translators in Dubai must be a native speaker of the target language and has extensive linguistic skills and deep background in the legal source language.

Arkan Competitive Edge

The most competitive edge Arkan Certified Translation gives to our clients is our service and our main asset is our translators. Due to our network of international and in-house translators, we offer extended working hours more than our competitors. If you came to us at 4:00 pm with a 30-page document required to be translated by tomorrow early morning, we can handle it helped by our team of dedicated freelancers who work around the clock.

We take advantage of time differences and translators’ shifts to give our clients the best service. Our support team serves our clients for about twenty hours a day in two long shifts as they may need a certified translation of their documents in critical times outside of usual working hours. So, if you need a certified translation of your lawsuit documents at 9 pm to be delivered to the court in the morning, you will find our team ready to serve you.

Our professional and experienced team of certified translators helps us keep our promise of “quick certified translation of any language at any time” to all our clients.

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