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Certified Translation in Dubai

Fulfilling all your business and personal requirements of accuracy, speed, and affordability by being a Certified Translation Company in Dubai accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Certified Translation Services in Dubai

Certified Translation Services in Dubai

Alsun Certified Translation Services in Dubai is a professional language service providing accurate, officially recognized translations of documents for legal, academic, and other official purposes. Certified translations are highly required for documents that are submitted to government agencies, educational institutions, or other official organizations.

Alsun Certified Translation employs only professional and experienced translators who are fluent in both source and target languages and have a deep understanding of legal, technical, and academic terminology. The translation process involves not only translating the text itself, but also ensuring that the translated document accurately reflects the original document in terms of meaning, tone, and style.

To make sure you receive Certified Translation Services in Dubai, we usually provide a certificate of accuracy attesting to the authenticity of the translation and the qualifications of the translator. Government agencies and other official organizations usually require this certificate to verify the accuracy of the translation.

Certified Legal Translators in UAE

Our highly qualified and dedicated certified legal translators in Dubai have extensive experience and deep background of and passion for certified translation in UAE. Each one of our certified translators in Dubai must be a native speaker of the target language and has extensive linguistic skills and deep background in the legal source language.

Native Content

Each translation project is translated and proofread by our native translators

Fast Translation

Our extensive network of translators helps us provide the fastest translation in Dubai

Latest Technologies

We keep pace with emerging techniques in the translation industry


We are certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice, notary, and courts.

Quick& Accurate

Our qualified translators provide a quick and accurate translation


Our rates are the best in the UAE translation market

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Types of Translation Services in Dubai

Alsun legal Translation in Dubai is a well-known company for certified translation in Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, we provide three types/degrees of translation services: normal translation, legal translation, and certified translation, also known as notarized translation. The kind of translation required depends on the nature of your document and its use. We will clarify the differences between the three types here:

Legal Translation

This type of translation is used with official documents that are submitted to public authorities or government departments, especially for transactions involving foreign parties like court cases, immigration procedures, company setup, visa issues…etc. The documents must be translated by a legal translator duly certified or approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice after making a declaration in writing and on oath (sworn) before the Ministry judge to respect the regulations and ethics of the translation industry.

Once the document is translated, signed, and sealed by the legal translator, it is considered an official document in the target language recognized by all state entities, and without a such seal of the legal translator, translation is not recognized by any entity. Legal Translation Services in Dubai is the best provider of translation services in the UAE. 

Normal Translation

Alsun Translation provides standard certified translation services in Dubai in any soft format or printed on its headed paper to those individual or corporate clients who need the translation for personal or business purposes other than attestation or submission to official authorities. This type of translation is done by our highly qualified native translators who have experience of not less than 7 years in their specific industry and adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. 

By fixing the seal of Alsun Legal Translation Dubai on the translated text in its capacity as a translation company duly registered in Dubai under UAE federal laws, we declare that the translation is identical to the source document without any deletion or addition.

Certified Translation

Certified or notarized translation is used for documents that are presented to external authorities outside UAE or for notarization purposes and are one one-step beyond legal translation. Certification here is to verify that the UAE Ministry of Justice accredits the translator and is currently listed as an approved translator in Dubai. Once the document is translated and sealed by a legal translator, it must be submitted to the UAE Ministry of Justice or Notary Public to verify the seal of the legal translator and the accuracy of the translation itself.

After the verification process, the Ministry or Notary Public fixes a seal that the translation is accurate and the seal is true and correct. Once the translation is certified and notarized, it has the same legal value as the original official document in the eyes of local judicial departments or foreign authorities.

To find out whether your documents need a legal, certified or normal translation or to get your document notarized, you can text us on WhatsApp now to speak to a translator or email us your documents and we will be happy to tell you the process of certifying your documents with full details. 

How can I make sure that the translator is certified?

Before dealing with any certified translator in Dubai, you have first to request the trade license of the certified translation company in Dubai, the ID of the translator, and the translator card issued by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

You must make sure that the trade license and translator card are still valid if they are expired your translation will not be accepted and can not be notarized

If you need further verification, you may contact the translation department at the UAE Ministry of Justice and give them the translator’s ID Number to make sure s/he is listed as a certified legal translator as the final step. 

Requirements of Certified Translation in Dubai

Certified translation services in Dubai are essential for individuals and companies who need accurate and officially recognized translations of documents for legal or official purposes. If you are planning to travel abroad and use any documents issued in UAE such as legal contracts, academic transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and more, you need to search for “Certified Translator in Dubai” to translate your documents in order to be able to use such documents anywhere.

While providing certified translation services in Dubai, our clients require additional services such as notarization, attestation, and apostille services depending on the requirements of their documents and the institution to which it will be sent. With our experience, stringent quality control processes, and commitment to accuracy and credibility, Alsun-certified translation services in Dubai provide a reliable and trustworthy solution to all your translation needs.

Pricing for Certified Translation in Dubai

The cost of certified translation in Dubai depends on some criteria that we can summarize in the following items, but to make it easier for our clients, the prices range from AED 30 to AED 50 per page depending on each case:

Text Technicality: the cost of the translation is determined according to the subject matter of the document to be translated, whether it is a general, legal, technical, medical, or financial document.

Language Pairs: the cost depends on the required language, as the price of common languages like English, French, or Italian is usually lower than that of rare languages like Polish, Greek, or Dutch.

Work Volume: The cost is usually determined according to the count of words per project, but the large projects cost relatively less than the smaller ones, as we offer good discounts on large projects.

deadline: Urgent translations cost more than normal translations, as we have to assign more translators to finish the project by the required deadline without affecting the translation accuracy and quality.

File Formatting: If the document to be translated needs desktop publishing services (DTP) and extra formatting efforts, we add the cost of such formatting efforts to the translation rate.

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