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Patent Translation in Dubai

Translate your trademarks, intellectual properties and copyrights through a leading translation company in Dubai having a network of qualified and certified translators in all sectors and industries

Patent Translation in Dubai

Patent Translation in UAE

In the last few years, the number of patents filed in UAE and specifically in Dubai has incredibly increased as companies and institutions expand their reach to the UAE market as the most flourishing market in the Middle East. For these companies to legally protect their trademarks, intellectual properties, and copyrights in UAE, they must translate the patent document into Arabic language as the official language of UAE.

Expertise in Patent

Our patent translators have long years of experience in patent translation

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Our translation is recognized by all government entities and authorities.

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Our clients receive the highest value for the lowest money

Patent translation is of utmost importance as it describes your company’s scope of business and the products and services you provide. So, the translation must be accurate and clear, otherwise, the translator may narrow your scope of business and consequently, you may lose your intellectual property rights in any court proceeding just as a result of an inaccurate or poor translation of your patent materials.

In order to have your patent recognized by the court, your patent materials must be translated by a qualified translator duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and fixed with the seal of the certified translator as evidence of the accuracy of translation and efficiency of the translator. The translator of your patent must be an expert in your industry and easily understand and transfer the jargon and terminology of your field. The specialized translator ensures that each term is translated into an equal term in the target language and that the scope and nature of your business are clearly described and protected before the courts.

Types of Patent Translation

For legal purposes: The patent materials are translated by a certified translator to meet specific legal requirements in foreign countries as required by lawyers, registration officers, and patent specialists. This patent translation is used as evidence before the court in cases of any violation of intellectual property.

For marketing purposes: The patent materials are translated by a qualified native translator having experience in the industry of patent to be published online or submitted to international authorities.

Why choose Arkan for your patent translation in Dubai?

Arkan Legal translation Dubai has a team of specialized expert translators, linguists, and researchers who provide you with perfect patent translations and know well the technicalities and details of intellectual property and the patent field. Our team has translated millions of words and has the faculties and qualifications necessary to meet all your patent translation requirements. You can count on our team for premium, timely, and accurate patent translation services in Dubai.

Patent Translation in Dubai

In order to submit your patent document to a court or official authority in UAE, your documents must be translated by a translator duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice. We are a certified translation company in Dubai and our translation is recognized by all courts, ministries, and government entities in UAE.

Some companies, organizations, and individuals count on us to effectively expand their global reach by translating their patent materials into Arabic and other languages. Our team is dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements of our clients and coordinating with them throughout the translation process. After consulting with our client, we can delete, add or amend some texts to fulfill some requirements and standards of the target country without prejudice to the meaning of the source text.


After the initial translation of the patent materials by our certified translators who have experience in translating the subject area of the patent, we send the translation to our qualified expert proofreaders to check the patent documents and ensure the accurate translation of each word and meaning of your document.

Native Legal Translators in UAE

Don’t leave the translation of your patent documents to chance. Contact us today to learn more about our patent translation services in Dubai, and how we can help you protect your intellectual property rights.

Patent translation is a critical component in protecting intellectual property rights in Dubai. As a global hub for trade and commerce, Dubai attracts businesses from all over the world. With a diverse range of languages spoken in Dubai, it is essential to have accurate and reliable patent translation services to ensure that legal documents are properly understood and enforced.

Whether you are applying for a patent or defending against infringement, accurate patent translation is essential for success. At our translation agency in Dubai, we have a team of expert translators who specialize in patent translation. They have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide accurate and reliable translations that meet the legal requirements of patent applications and disputes.

Our team is well-versed in the language and legal systems of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, ensuring that your patent documents are accurately translated and interpreted. We also understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to patent translation, and we take great care to protect the privacy and security of your intellectual property.

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