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Degree Attestation in UAE

Degree Attestation in UAE

degree attestation in uae


Degree Attestation in the UAE is a very crucial and important document that everyone needs to complete his studies, looking for a job, obtaining a job visa should have degree certificate attestation in Dubai. Degree attestation in the UAE  is a process that confirms  the authenticity of education certificate attestation Dubai, assures that individuals have the mandatory qualifications to have a good job or the section they have looked for. There are many countries such as Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE that require degree attestation for many reasons.

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What is Degree Attestation in UAE?

Degree attestation in UAE is a process of attesting the validity of educational certificates that an individual represents to obtain a job visa to the UAE. It is a procedure for people searching for a job, education or residency in the UAE. The Degree attestation process includes many steps that can be difficult. In this Article, we will tackle the degree attestation process in UAE, for a UAE visa and the steps involved.

A Degree  certificate is an important education certificate attestation  that will be required for different purposes including higher education and job opportunities. To confirm that the degree certificate attestation dubai is authentic, the UAE issued  attestation of the same by relevant agencies. An unattested certificate is invalid and the application for a job, higher education, visa or any other purpose would be rejected by the UAE’s government.

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The Purposes of Degree Attestation in UAE

Degree certificate attestation in Dubai is necessary in the UAE because it has many crucial purposes. These purposes deliberately confirm the qualifications of individuals that are looking for a job. In addition, it confirms that education certificate attestation dubai is obtained by qualified individuals. Degree certificate attestation in dubai is required for many purposes, including:

  1.  If you are searching for a job in the UAE, your educational certificates should be attested to confirm your qualification and obtain an education certificate attestation Dubai  .
  2. When you want to study in the UAE, your education certificates must be attested to assure you have completed the demanded course.
  3. When you want a visa for immigration purposes, you need to attest your educational certificates to confirm that you are accepted for immigration.
  4.  If you want to have a professional driving license, your education certificates must be attested to confirm that you have the required qualifications and ability to drive in Dubai.

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Why do we need degree attestation in the UAE?

Degree certificate attestation in dubai is obligatory for many reasons, as follows:

  • The validating of documents:The attestation process confirms that the education certificates are authentic.
  • Relevant with UAE Rules: The UAE needs the  individuals that  have the professional ability to do their jobs, and degree attestation assures relevance with UAE rules.
  • Employers’ protection: Degree certificate  attestation in Dubai  protects employers from employing unqualified individuals, confirming that they are employing individuals with certified documents.

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The process for Degree Attestation for a UAE Visa

degree attestation in uae

There are many steps to obtain a degree certificate attestation in Dubai for a UAE visa: 

  1. Notarization: The first step is to obtain the degree certificate attested by the educational institution where the individuals end their studies. The educational institution validates the authenticity of the certificates and assures that the individual has ended  the demanded study.
  2. Attestation by the Ministry of Education in the origin Country: Once the educational institution has attested the certificates, they must be attested by the Ministry of Education in the origin country. The Ministry of Education ensures education certificate attestation. 
  3.   Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the origin Country: After the Ministry of Education has attested the certificates, they must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the origin country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai verifies the certificate’s authenticity.
  4.  Attestation of the UAE Embassy in the origin Country:  the UAE embassy verifies the authenticity of the documents. They will review and authenticate the previous attestations by putting their own signature.
  5. Attestation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE: Once your documents have been attested by the UAE embassy in your home country, you need to represent them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. 
  6. Attestation by the Relevant agency in Dubai: The final step is to have the documents attested by the suitable agency in Dubai, For example, when the individual is applying for a work visa, the Ministry of Human Resources  must attest  the documents. If the individual is applying for a study visa, the Ministry of Education must attest the education certificate attestation dubai.

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What Documents are required for Degree Attestation for a UAE Visa?

You need to gather many documents to attest a degree certificate for a UAE visa.The following certificates are:

  • Both degree certificates; origin or a copy.
  • Copy of the individual’s passport.
  • Visa application form’s copy.
  • Attestation letter from the educational authority.
  • Validating letter for the degree certificate in dubai attestation process.
  • The cost of degree certificate attestation for UAE price.

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How can I get my degree attested in the UAE?

degree attestation in uae

You can obtain your degree certificate attestation in Dubai by follow these tips:

  • Represent the certificate signed  from the relevant agency in the origin country.
  • Obtaining the Degree certificate  attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  in the origin country.
  • Obtaining the UAE Embassy Attestation in the origin country.
  • Obtaining the Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai.

How can Arkan help you with Degree Certificate Attestation in the  UAE ?

Arkan Services, as a certified attestation agency in Dubai, can help you to obtain any kind of document attestation including degree certificate attestation in dubai. We provide your attestation on time. Our professional experts help you in any time to obtain certified and attested certificates to do what you want or like as possible as you can.

Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE Price

Degree certificate attestation for UAE price  is based on the origin country of the certificate, the  using country, the certificate’s language and the type of service you choose . Send us a copy of your documents. We will review them and provide a quote within seconds. We will, in Arkan, assist you with timely degree certificate attestation in Dubai.

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FAQs About Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

Is an online obtained  degree certificate accepted for attestation in Dubai?

A UAE Embassy in some Countries attest  online released certificates for attestation. It changes depending on each degree certificate attestation in Dubai.

Are Distance Education certificates attested in the UAE?

Yes, Authorities are happy to attest the document as its authenticity. Most of the degrees certificates  from distance education can be attested in the  UAE. To prove that your document is a legal one, it should be attested by all the authorities in Dubai.

Can I get a job visa without attestation of my degree certificate?

No,  all the companies in the UAE will demand the attested certificate to provide a job visa. Without attestation of your degree certificate, it’s impossible to get a job visa.  

How long does Degree Certificate Attestation take in Dubai?

It is typical for Degree Certificate Attestation in Dubai to take at least  ten days. However, this timeline can differ depending on the type of certificate, origin country, and the limited attestation procedures. Obtaining  your education certificate attestation Dubai will take time and requires the  knowledge of the procedures.

Finally, a degree attestation in UAE is very important and helps you to find a good job in Dubai. You should attest your degree certificate to find an employment visa to the UAE. The faster you attest your degree certificate, the faster you find a suitable job or complete your studies.

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