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Indian Degree Certificate Attestation Charges in the UAE

Indian Degree Certificate Attestation Charges in the UAE

indian degree certificate attestation charges in uae

Got that dream job in Dubai? Awesome but wait before you start enjoying those Burj Khalifa views there is one important thing to do as you should get your Indian degree certificate approved in the UAE, No need to stress at all as i have got you covered as this guide will be like your personal translator explaining the attestation process and its costs so when you step into your new career, your documents will be all set to shine and make a great impression, Congrats again.

Documents Required for Indian Degree Certificate Attestation

If you are planning to use your Indian degree certificate in another country, there are some important things to know, This guide will help you get ready by explaining the documents you need for the attestation process and we will make it easy for you to understand so you can go through the process without any trouble so lets get started.

  • Degree Diploma: Grab your original degree certificate, the fancy one straight from your Indian university.
  • Mark Sheets: Bring copies of your mark sheets for every semester of your program. Think bonus points for your academic journey.
  • Passport Copy: Make a clear photocopy of your passport pages with your info and picture. It’s like showing your ID at a club, but for paperwork.
  • Passport-sized Photos: Bring some recent passport-sized photos, just like for any official thing. Think of it as your visa photo, but for documents.
  • Application Form: Download and fill out the form provided by the office. You might need to ask directions, like finding your way through a souk.
  • Fee Payment Proof: Keep a receipt for any fees you paid. Think of it as a souvenir from your paperwork adventure.
  • Stamped Hometown Documents: Your documents with that official hometown stamp are your ticket to the embassy. 
  • Authorization Letter (if needed): Draft an authorization letter for a trusted friend or family member to handle the paperwork on your behalf. It’s like having a sidekick for your document journey.

As you embark on the Indian degree certificate attestation process, having all the required documents in order is paramount. By following this comprehensive guide and understanding the specific needs of the attesting authorities, you can streamline the process and pave the way for your attested degree to be recognized internationally.

Procedure for Certificate Attestation in UAE

Getting your certificates approved in the UAE might sound tricky but it’s not that hard, This guide will help you with simple steps to make the process easy, Let’s go through it together and you will be all set.

  1. Identify the Type of Certificate: Before embarking on the attestation journey, identify the type of certificate you need attested. Whether it’s an educational, personal, or commercial document, each category follows a distinct attestation process.
  2. Notarization: Begin by notarizing your document from the country of origin. This involves obtaining a notary’s seal or signature to authenticate the document’s legitimacy. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation for the entire attestation process.
  3. Verification by the Department of State: Following notarization, your document needs to be verified by the relevant Department of State in your home country. This step ensures that the notary’s signature is valid and authenticates the document further.
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation: Once your document receives state-level verification, it must undergo attestation at the UAE Embassy in your home country. This involves submitting your document along with the required fees and supporting documents for review.
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation in UAE: Upon reaching the UAE, your attestation journey continues with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Submit your attested document to the MOFA for final verification, adding the official stamp that validates the document’s authenticity within the UAE.
  6. Translation (if applicable): For documents not in Arabic, a certified translation may be required. Ensure that the translation is accurate and meets the standards set by the UAE authorities.
  7. Attestation for Commercial Documents: If you are attesting commercial documents, additional steps may be involved, such as chamber of commerce attestation. Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements for your document type.
  8. Use Authorized Service Providers: Consider utilizing the services of authorized attestation agencies or consultancy services. They can guide you through the process, ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken, and paperwork is in order.
  9. Keep Track of Updates: Certificate attestation procedures may evolve, so it’s essential to stay informed about any changes in requirements or processes. Check official websites or consult with reliable sources to ensure you have the latest information.

The procedure for certificate attestation in the UAE demands meticulous attention to detail and adherence to specific steps. By understanding each stage of the process and seeking professional guidance when needed, you can navigate the attestation journey confidently, ensuring your documents are recognized and accepted within the UAE.

Indian Degree Certificate Attestation Charges in the UAE

ServiceApproximate Cost (AED)Regular Processing TimeExpress Processing TimeNotes
Local Notary Attestation100 (regular) / 200 (express)1-2 daysSame day or 1 day
MOFA Attestation150 (regular) / 250 (express)2-3 days1-2 days
State Attestation200 (regular) / 300 (express)2-5 days1-3 daysProcessing time varies depending on the state.
MEA Attestation300 (regular) / 400 (express)4-7 days2-4 daysProcessing time is per certificate attestation.
UAE Embassy Attestation350 (regular) / 500 (express)4-7 days2-4 daysProcessing time is per certificate attestation.
Translation ServicesVariesVariesVariesBased on language pair and document length.
Courier Charges (optional)VariesVariesVariesBased on service and speed.
Service Agency Fees (optional)100-200 (regular) / 150-300 (express)Per certificate attestation.

Key Points:

  • Local Notary Attestation: Often the first step, involving a local notary public verifying the authenticity of your documents.
  • State Attestation: Authentication by the relevant state government authority, usually the Home Department or Higher Education Department.
  • MEA Attestation: Verification by the Ministry of External Affairs, confirming the validity of state-attested documents for international use.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation: Official recognition of your documents by the Indian Embassy in the UAE.
  • MOFA Attestation: Final legalization by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, granting full legal validity within the UAE.
  • Translation Services: If your documents are not in English or Arabic, they’ll need translation by a certified translator.
  • Courier Charges: Optional for faster document delivery between authorities.
  • Service Agency Fees: Optional charges for assistance from professional attestation agencies.


  • Prices are approximate and subject to change.
  • Specific processing times vary depending on authorities and chosen processing speed.
  • Always confirm latest fees and requirements with official websites or service providers.

Importance of Indian Certificate Attestation in the UAE

1. Recognition of Educational Qualifications:

  • Indian Certificate Attestation in the UAE is imperative for validating your educational qualifications. Whether you are seeking higher education or employment, attested certificates are recognized by UAE authorities, educational institutions, and employers.

2. Employment Opportunities:

  • Many employers in the UAE require candidates to submit attested certificates during the hiring process. Attested documents assure employers of the legitimacy of your educational background, instilling confidence and enhancing your employability.

3. Seamless Visa Processing:

  • When applying for a work or residency visa in the UAE, attested certificates are often a mandatory requirement. The attestation process ensures that your documents comply with the legal standards of the UAE, facilitating a smoother and quicker visa approval process.

4. Pursuing Higher Education:

  • If you have aspirations for further studies in the UAE, attested certificates are essential. Educational institutions in the country require proof of the authenticity of your academic credentials before admitting you into their programs.

5. Legal and Governmental Compliance:

  • Certificate attestation is a legal requirement in the UAE. It ensures that your documents align with the legal frameworks of the country, providing a layer of authenticity recognized by governmental bodies and regulatory authorities.

6. Enhancing Professional Credibility:

  • Attested certificates not only fulfill legal requirements but also contribute to your professional credibility. It signifies that your qualifications have undergone a rigorous verification process, establishing trust with employers, colleagues, and educational institutions.

Indian Certificate Attestation is not just a procedural formality; it is a gateway to unlocking diverse opportunities in the UAE. Whether you’re aiming for a successful career or pursuing higher education, the attestation process is a fundamental step toward achieving your aspirations in the Emirates. Best of luck on your journey!

How to Get Degree Attestation from the Indian Embassy in Dubai

If you’re planning to work or study in Dubai, getting your degree attested by the Indian Embassy is a crucial step. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the straightforward process, providing valuable insights to ensure a smooth attestation experience:

1. Complete Prior Attestations:

  • Before reaching the Indian Embassy in Dubai, ensure your degree has been attested by the local notary, Home Department, and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India.

2. Visit the Indian Consulate/Embassy in Dubai:

  • Head to the Indian Consulate or Embassy in Dubai, equipped with your original degree, a photocopy, and the attested documents from India.

3. Submission at the Consulate:

  • Present your documents at the attestation section of the Indian Consulate. Fill out the application form available at the Consulate or on their official website.

4. Verification by Consulate Officials:

  • Consulate officials will scrutinize your documents and verify the details. Ensure all information matches the previously attested versions.

5. Payment of Attestation Fees:

  • Pay the applicable attestation fees at the Consulate. The fees may vary depending on the type of document and the urgency of the attestation process.

6. Collection of Attested Degree:

  • After the successful verification and payment, you’ll be informed about the collection date for your attested degree. Return on the specified date to collect your documents.

Insights for a Smooth Attestation Process:

  1. Documentation Check:
    • Before visiting the Consulate, double-check that you have all the required documents, including the original degree, a photocopy, and previously attested papers from India.
  2. Timing Matters:
    • Plan your visit during the Consulate’s working hours. Avoid peak times to expedite the submission and verification process.

Expert Tip:

  • For real-time updates and specific requirements, check the official website of the Indian Consulate or Embassy in Dubai.

Obtaining degree attestation from the Indian Embassy in Dubai is a crucial step for your international endeavors. By following this simplified guide, you ensure that your degree is recognized and accepted in Dubai, opening doors to exciting opportunities in your career or education. Best of luck on your attestation journey!

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  • Transparency and predictability: No hidden fees or surprises. We tell you upfront what it’ll cost and keep you updated every step of the way.
  • Personalized approach: We don’t do one-size-fits-all. We listen to your situation and tailor our approach to get your certificates ready when you need them.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed: Let us deal with the paperwork headaches while you focus on what matters most. We’ll get your certificates ready to open doors in Dubai.

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