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6 Ways to Create Professional Translate

6 Ways to Create Professional Translate

Professional Translate: Some assume that productivity means faster work and low quality. But this is so far from the truth. Being a productive translator means that you can have more time, make more money, and have more job satisfaction. Do not confuse increasing your productivity with delivering lower quality. When looking to improve your productivity, think in terms of finding ways to work and translate more quickly and efficiently, while maintaining legal translation in Dubai quality.

Here are six ways that can help you improve your productivity as a translator.

How to Create a Professional Translate?

1. Use CAT tools

CAT tools can increase your productivity significantly. You can easily keep track of product names, specific terminology, and abbreviations that you need to use in the translated version of the content. Of course, the difficulty of a translation varies with the specialization and the pair of languages involved. However, there’s no doubt that having extra help can notably reduce the number of hours you dedicate to each project. CAT tools allow you to be productive and ensure both consistency and quality.  

2. Use Speech Recognition Software

Despite the initial time investment involved in training the software to recognize your voice, diction, and accent, many translators recommend speech recognition software to increase productivity. Various programs are available, and some operating systems now incorporate speech recognition features. Automation solutions are key to high-quality work and fast turnarounds.

3. Take Breaks

According to psychological studies, the average time of attention focus among adults is about 40 minutes. If you continue working on the same task, attention gets distracted thus reducing your productivity.

You can try the famous Pomodoro Technique; 25 minutes on a task and a 5-minute break.

4. Learn to Say No

Follow a simple rule to be more productive. This rule is to know which projects are more time-consuming and don’t accept them unless compensated accordingly. You can never be productive if you consistently take on too many projects. Value your time. There is no shame in saying “I just have too much on my plate right now.” Know your priorities.

And, when you receive a project which looks to be time-consuming because of its complexity, length, file formats, etc., ask yourself if it is worth your time.

5. Split Large Tasks into Milestones

Having too much work ahead of you can be overwhelming and keep you from staying focused on your performance. Thus, it kills your motivation and makes you less productive. So if your translation project is really big, you should split the major task into several smaller ones. By splitting large tasks, you can keep a consistent workflow in your routine. Furthermore, you should always reward yourself after each large task, as part of your strategy to increase translation productivity.

6. Block Distracting Websites

Blocking distracting things is important to stay productive. Internet activities, such as checking Facebook, or Instagram feeds, rank first among the reasons translators get distracted. To be productive, it is very important to block distracting websites while you work.

Conclusion for Professional Translate

Productivity might seem a hard task. But considering the above 6 ways for translators’ productivity in this article will help you be more productive than before.

Share with us your tips to be a productive and efficient translator.  

Increase translator productivity with these 6 effective strategies. Unlock efficiency and quality in your translations. Contact us today to optimize your translation workflow and achieve greater productivity.

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