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Marriage certificate translation: details you need to know!

Marriage certificate translation: details you need to know!

marriage certificate translation dubai

Against expectations, the topic of marriage certificate translation is a popular one amongst traveling spouses who always have to verify their marriage in each country they go or settle in. Worldwide marriage certification is normally used to record that two people are legally married. At the same time, that’s what a marriage certificate translation is used for in various different countries.

The main reason for translating a marriage certificate is for easing immigration and traveling affairs, particularly international travels. Because translated marriage certification proves the legal marriage of both for any investigation requests. 

As marriage certificate translation can offer many benefits for spouses in different countries, so it’s better translated to be legally recognized by the government of the country you’re going to.

Meaning of official marriage certificate translation

Official translation in its core meaning is the translation of a document, accompanied by an official certification of sworn statement from a governmental authorized translator or agency. Following the UAE’s legislations, translating certificates should be authorized and legislated by each emirate’s government.

When it comes to marriage certificate translation Dubai, an official translation is usually needed for submitting a document issued in a foreign language to a government authority in Dubai. In other western countries, official translation is meant in other words as “sworn”, “notarised” or “legalized” translations. Therefore, it’s always a required document for safety in other countries.

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When to translate a marriage certificate

Marriage certificate translation is mostly needed in case you initiated a marriage proposal while living abroad, so it’s required to have a marriage certificate in different languages. It might be also needed when you get married when living in a foreign country to your spouse country. 

You might need a marriage certificate translation for other instances as well, when you are required to show it to a foreign government office, a foreign court or even if you are applying for a job or further education abroad. In short, marriage translate is a required document when conducting a personal affair abroad of your main country’s borders. 

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Why to translate Marriage Certificate to English

In case you don’t know, marriage certificates are usually translated into English, considering it as the international language of many countries. Additionally, Translating your marriage certificate into English might ease some document legislation such as: when you are applying for a visa or for renewal of your passport, or for immigration purposes or even for divorce affairs.

That’s why, in some countries, a multilingual marriage certificate translations is a one-way process in order to avoid a later hassle for citizens 

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Marriage Certificate Translation Dubai cost

The cost of marriage certificate translation Dubai varies depending on different factors such as: number of pages, language, and complexity of the document. In addition, legal documents accompanied by the marriage certificate.

Prices for translation services for a marriage certificate are ranging in Dubai between 300-900 AED. Some might exceed this limit and others might get it with a slightly lower fee. As there are other costs might be associated with marriage certificate translation including:

  • Attestation or Authentication of the translated documents to be verified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
  • Legal translation of certification documents to be notarized by a Notary Public or Lawyer in Dubai.
  • Proofreading and Proper formatting for a marriage certificate in order to be familiarized with the main certificate.
  • In case of getting the documents translated to multiple languages, that might prolong the process & raise the fees.

By the end of these costs & procedures done, you’ll get your marriage certificate translated, attested, and ready to use.

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Procedures of Marriage Certificate Translation Dubai

marriage certificate translation

Translating marriage certificates in Dubai requires an organized way of doing things because each step is based on the one before it. Such that;

  1. Submitting the original documents to the translation service provider in Dubai.
  2. Accordingly, after getting the translated documents in 1-2 days (depending on the timeline needed for each agency), you must get approval of these documents from various government authorities in Dubai including: Dubai Court, UAE Embassy or consulate, Notary Public, and Ministry of foreign affairs.

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  1. Making sure that each document is attested successfully because procedures differ accordingly for each document.
  2. Documents are ready now to be presented for any official governmental body in Dubai.

If you already have a translated marriage certificate legalized in another country, you may need to also attesting marriage certificate in Dubai. That includes an official approval from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  as well as the main country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This step might replace the initial procedures discussed, but it might take 2-4 weeks to get done successfully.

Arabic Marriage Certificate Translation near me

 Pioneer translation agencies in Dubai are the ones that could provide you with the perfect Arabic translation that’s needed for a marriage certificate. The reason behind that is that the authorization of agencies makes the difference in order for documents to be attested by Dubai relevant authorities.

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As a result of establishing most successful businesses in Dubai, finding an agency that totally meets your requirements in the nearest place isn’t the easiest task. That’s why it’s better to go for the leading that fits all your needs in Arabic translation or any other languages.

Professional Marriage certificate translation worth it!

marriage certificate translation

Professional certified legal translators are spread everywhere, but native ones aren’t found easily. That’s why translating personal documents with an individualistic view boosts the credibility of such documents amongst the legal authorities. Marriage certificate translation is a process that many might overpass or take it for granted, conversely, it’s a confidential process that should be done rightfully to avoid any troubles later on.

From here, translating a marriage certificate with the best translation agency in Dubai is worth the effort.


What are the qualities to expect when dealing with a professional translation agency?
  • High-Quality: Working with the pioneer leaders in the industry makes it never concerning to find the quality needed. Because of quality assurance procedures they take precisely to make sure documents are translated properly. These procedures include proofreading and double-checking any changes made to the original text.
  • Time of Completion: Personal documents such as marriage certificates sometimes need to be translated speedily in order to manage it the right way with other documents. Hence, quality with limited time-frame is the quality of a professional translation agency.
  • Confidentiality: Might seem a simple quality, but marriage certificates can contain a lot of confidential information that mustn’t be shared with a third party. That’s why professional agencies make sure to work with trustworthy translators to keep confidentiality of its clients.
What’s the matter of working with a legal translating agency?

It’s all about the process of documents after translation with Dubai relevant legal authorities. For this reason, a legal translation agency can facilitate the rest of the procedures that should be taken after translating a marriage certificate.

Arkan Agency: Two Decades of Translating 75+ Languages in Dubai! 

All kinds of legal translation from court translation services, notary certification services, patent translation, and legal document attestation are served just with Arkan Agency. That’s why, comprehensive legal translation in Dubai, UAE exists when only working with Arkan Agency.

Competitive Offerings include:

  • Expertise.
  • Language Diversity.
  • High Quality
  • Human Translation.
  • Fast Turnarounds.
  • Accreditation.

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