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Coronavirus Impact on Translation

Coronavirus Impact on Translation

At this time as we face a global pandemic, you may wonder about the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the translation business. As COVID-19 continues to spread, it left many industries across the world counting costs.  Because, many countries started implementing tough measures, to stop the spread of the said virus. One of these measures is a strict lockdown, which forces some industries to stop their production lines and send employees home on indefinite leave. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Translation services in Dubai and how much is it suffering from the spread of the virus.  

Does the Impact depend on the translation type? 

Translation is the type of work that can be done while setting in a home in front of your computer or laptop. But does this mean that translation as an industry is not affected by COVID-19, the answer is no. The translation services in Dubai, just like any other industry across the world, suffer from the measures taken by most countries to face the spread of the Coronavirus.

In the translation industry, the impact depends on the type of translation. For instance, subtitling is one type of translation that continues without suffering any fallout till the moment. On the contrary, legal translation takes a hit due to the virus’s spread, and many legal translators experience fallout. However, Arkan Legal Translation Near ME in dubai is still available 24/7 to offer translation services in Dubai and UAE. 

Also, medical translation projects are getting larger due to the need for information exchange concerning the virus, and some clients are even asking for faster turnarounds. With the call to stay home, most people depend on buying their needs online; there has been a growing need for website translation and localization services. 

Work from Home 

Most Translation offices worldwide asked employees to work from home to avoid spreading the virus. Most providers of Translation services in Dubai send their employees to work from home as well.  This requires translators to know more about time management to stick to their deadlines.

The Role of Medical Translation Services in Facing the virus spread

Medical translation can help people understand more about the virus and infection prevention methods by translating all the information about the virus into as much language as possible. This helps to raise people’s awareness of the latest information concerning COVID-19, thus eliminating the spread of the virus. 

Many countries harnessed their laboratories to study the virus and find a cure or vaccine for the Coronavirus.  Medical translation helps translate such information, and this helps spread it across the world. Also, translating of the latest research about the virus may help to mitigate the economic consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak. Because spreading the right and helpful information may rapidly make life return to normal. 


Although the demand for translation services in Dubai has dropped rapidly, some translation services are still in high demand. And as in any industry worldwide, translators need to adjust to the new developments and hope this crisis ends as soon as possible.

Stay informed about the impact of the Coronavirus on translation services. Explore our expert insights and solutions. Contact us today for reliable translation support during these challenging times.

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