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Attestation Agency in Dubai/ Services

Attestation Agency in Dubai/ Services

attestation agency in dubai

ِAttestation agency in Dubai is very important service that help people looking for job, education opportunities. Obtaining an attested certificate in Dubai is not simple but needs many procedures. There are several types of document attestation such as , degree attestation, MOFA attestation, Marriage attestation, Birth attestation, and Death attestation. People, who travel to the UAE, need to obtain an attestation to many certificates or documents to live in safe

What does the Attestation Agency In Dubai mean?

The attestation agency in Dubai means to obtain an attested certificate by several authorities in your home country, then in many agencies in the UAE, including the ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the UAE Embassy. The aim of document attestation in Dubai is to prove that this document is valid.

What are the types of documents required at the attestation agency?

There are  many types of documents that need attestation such as, Degree document, Birth document, Marriage document….

  • Degree document attestation: It is very essential in Dubai when you want to obtain a visa to your work, qualified driving license. We, in Alsun, can help you obtain a degree document and use it in the UAE.
  • Birth document attestation: you need to attest this document when you want a visa to your child or facilities presented in Dubai. We also help you to attest this document in quick time.
  • Marriage document attestation: the attestation of marriage documents is very essential in Dubai. When you marry in Dubai, you need to attest this document. Also, when you marry in your home country and take your wife to the UAE, you must attest your marriage document to prove your marriage.
  • Commercial document attestation: we can simplify commercial document attestation requirements in Dubai through attesting the commercial document to ease the trading process between countries. 
  • Divorce document Attestation:The need for your divorce document appears in Divorce attestation process.The Attestation of Divorce document costs higher as it takes many procedures.
  • Death document attestation: The attestation of Death documents is very essential in Dubai to confirm that this individual died. 
  • BVI document attestation: you need this BVI document attestation when you plan to build a company and start your own work in Dubai. 
  • Secondary school document attestation: If you want to complete your education in Dubai, you need to attest your secondary school document. This confirms that you finish secondary school and want to complete university. 
  • Experience document attestation: the attestation of experience document is required in Dubai to prove the authenticity of the document and help you to get a good job opportunity.
  • Transfer documents Attestation: Before enrolling in any schools or universities, you need to attest your Transfer document.

Why choose Alsun?

We can choose Alsun as an agency for attestation of certificates in Dubai. We provide accurate services and certify all types of document attestation in Dubai.we present our services in many languages. We have professional experts, licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice. If you want to live and work in another country, you have to attest your documents for legal ones. We are looking forward to presenting all services. We work accurately with our clients to present anything on time,and prevent delays.

Our professional experts can present all services in many languages and in accurate manner. As an attestation center in Dubai, we present all services to your documents.

How much does the attestation process cost?

Dubai attestation process costs : 

  1. Attestation in public costs AED 100_150 per document.
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai costs AED 200_300 per document
  3. The Embassy Attestation costs vary depending on the country but nearly AED 300_500 per document.

You can also pay additional fees depending on the type and number of documents.

What are the prices of each document attestation?

These prices are nearly only for each document attestation and vary depend on the Embassy requirements:  

  1. The attestation of degree document is around AED 600_800
  2. Birth document attestation is around AED 500_600
  3. Marriage document Attestation is around AED 500_700

What  are the reasons that reduce the attestation price?

The total price of attestation can be reduced by many reasons: 

  • The amount of document which means that every document has a separate price. 
  • The kind of document which means that some types of documents cost higher.
  • Adding other services may charge higher.
  • The prices vary depending on the origin of the Embassy.

What’s the best way to avoid paying attestation fees?

You can avoid paying attestation fees by:

  1. Finding the way to the embassy directly without lawyer fees.
  2. Doing Dubai attestation process by yourself without any help.
  3. Working as a group to attest the documents together to avoid higher fees.
  4. Making a comparison among agents to find the suitable rate for you.

How long does the attestation process take in Dubai?

The attestation companies in Dubai may take 2_4 weeks depending on the document type and Embassy approval. Attestation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can take 1_2 days while other agencies can take up to 2 weeks.

Who needs document attestation in Dubai?

There are two main people need UAE attestation in Dubai:

  1. The original citizens of UAE need to obtain attested documents when they want to travel abroad for immigration or higher education.
  2. Travelers to the UAE need attested documents to apply for a job or complete education in Dubai.

What are the steps of the Dubai attestation process?

The UAE attestation process contains many steps to be valid and authentic: 

  • The first step: we first go to free consultation to know your role and understand the steps of the attestation process, such as the required documents and the expected timeline.
  • The second step: Then you need to revise your degree document and make sure that they are correct and suitable to UAE’s attestation demands.
  • The third step is to go to the Notary public Attestation: you should use authentic documents from the country where it was approved.
  • The fourth step is for Home country attestation : After notarization, the document is submitted to the government in your home country for other attestation.
  • The fifth step is for UAE Embassy Attestation: After completing the attestation in your home country, your document must be sent to the UAE Embassy or consulate for attestation.
  • The final step is for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation:

You need to attest your document at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prove its validity in the UAE.

What are the reasons for document attestation in the UAE?

There are many reasons for UAE attestation in Dubai. Attestation document in Dubai includes having the documents attested by agencies for attestation of certificates in the home country and presenting them to the agency for attestation of certificates in Dubai and also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for final attestation. The reasons are specialized for citi\ens looking for:

  1. Job opportunities: If you are looking for a job in the UAE, your cetificates must be attested to prove your qualifications.
  2. Education: if you plan to study or complete your studies in Dubai, you must  attest your academic papers to have a complete course.
  3. Immigration: if you are applying for a visa for immigration, your documents need to be attested in the attestation center in Dubai to confirm that you have all procedures for immigration.
  4. Driving license: when you want  to obtain an attested and authentic license, you need to submit your documents in an agency for attestation of certificates in Dubai to have an authentic license.

What are the reasons beyond the obligation of document attestation in the UAE?

Document attestation is obligatory in Dubai for several reasons to confirm that these individuals are qualified and professional. Dubai attestation process is mandatory for many reasons:

  1. Verification of authenticity: The Dubai attestation process confirms that this document is authentic and verified.
  2. Relevant with UAE attestation : The UAE obligates citizens to obtain UAE attestation in Dubai for their documents to perform their jobs and prove relevance with UAE requirements.
  3. Employer’s protection: Attestation companies in Dubai protect employers from hiring unqualified people to pay less money. They also helped them to hire qualified individuals.
  4. Education providers protection: document attestation in Dubai provides the protection for education providers to study fake documents, confirming that they have authentic documents.

Professional attestation companies in Dubai

There are many benefits of hiring a professional attestation center in dubai to help you and ease the Dubai attestation process:

  • Document collection and delivery: These attestation companies help individuals in obtaining their documents and delivering papers to the relevant company for attestation.
  • Attestation companies: these attestation companies help in ending the attestation process which means obtaining the document attested by the relevant country and presenting them for attestation.
  • Translation services: many documents needed translation before attestation. This service translates documents into English or other languages, confirming that they are already translated and ready for attestation.
  • Consultancy Services: This service helps individuals to find advice about the Dubai attestation process, including the procedures and requirements for attestation.

The procedure of unattested documents in the country of origin

If I find my documents are not attested, what should I do?. All my documents needed to be attested in my home country before I submit them for attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • You should send your documents back to your home country by attestation companies in Dubai.
  • You should also send them back to your home country by your relatives, and friends .

The company, friends, and relatives will help you to attest your documents in your home country.

FAQs about Attestation Agency in Dubai

When I’m outside the country, may I obtain a UAE document attested without me?

No, you should attend by yourself to obtain documents attested by the Notary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA).

Can I attest the original document or a verified photocopy?

Many clients prefer attesting the photocopy to keep the original well. The attestation of the original means signatures and stamps will be placed on the original document , while a copy attestation means that you take a photocopy and attest can attest original or photocopy documents not both of them. Many attestation companies in Dubai require a copy, while others require copies as MOFA attestation.

What is the difference between a True copy Attestation by a Lawyer and Notary public?

Many people don’t know the difference between a True copy Attestation and Notary public. They seem alike and mean the same, but there are some differences that make them differ from each other.

True Copy Attestation: This attestation is required when you don’t submit the original document. This True copy Attestation is conducted by a lawyer in Dubai and outside the UAE. This attestation  includes many documents, such as passports, bills and employment in the UAE.

Notary public Attestation: many  documents also need to be attested by a Notary Public. The Notarization process means the authenticity and verifications to some documents which are attested by the notary public. This process includes many documents such as, power of attorney and signatures. 

True copy attestation in the UAE and many countries is done by a lawyer, while the Notary public doesn’t attest true copies of passports in the UAE.

 Finally, Alsun will help you to attest all documents on time. Our team of experts can help you to know all things about the Attestation  Agency in Dubai. We will get your document attested on time, so you can do what you like as soon as possible. In this Article, you can know everything about the attestation agency in Dubai, types of document attestation, document attestation prices, how to get your documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, why choose Alsun to help you. 

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