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Birth Certificate Translation Dubai

Birth Certificate Translation Dubai

We will discover everything about Birth Certificate Translation Dubai in detail through this digital article from ATS Press.

A birth certificate is a legal document the government issues to a citizen. It contains information about the name of the child, his nationality, gender, religion, his date and place of birth, the name of his father and his nationality, the name and nationality of his mother, and the business and date of extracting the certificate.

Your birth certificate is an important personal document and is proof of your identity, which proves that you belong to the country so that you can get and enjoy any benefits of your country. It’s so significant that it establishes your rights and obligations.

Birth Certificate Translation In Dubai

how long does it take to translate a birth certificate ? Arkan could assist you in getting your birth certificate translated as soon as possible in Dubai. Drop off your birth certificate at our office, and we’ll have it translated in 5 minutes or less. If you have to submit your birth certificate by email right away, we’ll do it immediately and provide it to you as soon as possible. In Dubai, we could translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, medical reports, driver’s licenses, and other personal and professional papers for individuals and businesses.

Whenever a kid in the United Arab Emirates is born, he will be given a birth certificate that includes their name, birth date, mom and dad’s names, birth location, and other information. Overall, any birth certificate from any country will contain the same information. In some countries, they also record the home address where the child’s parents live.

Even a minor error in the translation could take a long time and cost a lot of money once you place an order with us to translate your child’s birth certificate.

Why do we need to translate birth certificates?

Birth Certificate Translation In Dubai

We need to translate birth certificates for several purposes, such as taxes, obtaining a driving license, enrolling in schools, and applying for a passport or residency visa; some academic institutions and universities require a translated birth certificate also for immigration and traveling to a foreign country whenever your native language is different from the country language where you are traveling to.

For example, suppose you are traveling to the United States of America or Italy, and you are an Egyptian or Emirati national, where your native language is different. In that case, you must submit a translated birth certificate in English or Italian.

As for the translation of the birth certificate, here are the procedures that should be taken:

You should submit an electronic and clear copy of a birth certificate to the certified translation office and write the said names on the birth certificate accurately according to passports or copy of them as a reference to be compared to because if there’s a difference among letters of names so you are in trouble and your document shall be rejected.

Leaving your name, phone number, email address, and the target language to which the record shall be translated.

The project manager shall receive your document, cooperate with you to make the process as easy as possible, assist you, and assign your Dubai birth certificate to an experienced and talented Translator to translate it accurately and simultaneously, as you discussed and agreed upon without delay. He will exert every effort to make your translated document an identical copy of the original one.

The time that the birth certificate shall be translated will depend on the target language, the length of the document, and the formatting, but you shouldn’t worry about that; we will do our best to deliver your document as soon as possible when you have a cup of coffee.

Birth Certificate Translation Procedures

The project manager shall send your birth certificate to the Translator; the Translator shall consider the document’s formatting that should match the original one.

The translated copy of the birth certificate shall be a mirror and an identical copy of the original and translate every word.

Any seals or stamps in the certificate must be translated and mentioned in the translated document. If any text, number, or seal is unreadable or unclear, the Translator shall mark it as “illegible” or highlight it, so the project manager shall ask the client if it is clear and readable to correct or translate it.

Once the birth certificate is translated, the project manager sends it to the reviewer to review and audit every word and ensure that everything is ok, no omitting and not adding any words, the correctness of the numbers, names, places, and all information in the document.

Upon completion of translation and revision, you can deliver your translated birth certificate or send it via mail or by any means you prefer or consider fit.

All seals of attestation of our certified office shall be on the translated birth certificate.

All your translated documents are stored on the company’s computer, so do not worry about your documents in a safe and highly confidential place.

How to attest your birth certificate in Dubai?

Birth certificate attestation is a procedure for verifying that your document is valid and all its contents are original.

Expatriates in Dubai can apply for a residency visa, school admission, or any other purpose.

The process of attestation of your birth certificate is as follows:

Gather the required papers you need to attest, such as; the original birth certificate in the name of the certificate holder, passport copies of the parents of the child, your valid passport, and two photographs of it to submit.

Take your original birth certificate and photocopy, which will be stamped to appear that it’s an authentic certificate.

The UAE Embassy in your respective country shall authenticate your birth certificate.

To attest, you should authenticate your birth certificate at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Last but not least:

Finally, if you want a translated and certified birth certificate, trust Arkan Legal Translation Dubai; we are your best choice and solution. Moreover, Arkan’s team can help you in attesting the birth certificate without any worries.

You should not hesitate or think twice, just come or call us. If you need an accurate, correct, and error-free translation with attestation, we are here and at your service anytime.

We employ the most experienced and talented translators, so trust us to translate your important documents to avoid any problems. Then, any other person or agency that does not have any experience will get you in trouble.

Need birth certificate translation in Dubai? Trust our professional team for accurate and reliable translations. Contact us now to get started and ensure your documents are handled with care.

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