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Legal Translation Jebel Ali

Legal Translation Jebel Ali

The world becomes more interconnected day by day. As a result, you will need to communicate with the global market without any language barrier. Whether you are a business or an individual, ATS will help you grow internationally through our wide range of legal translation services.

Dubai has recently become a home to all top-notch multinational corporations, which sooner or later find themselves in need of quality legal translation; as dealing with a professional Legal Translation Jebel Ali company makes your process of working in Dubai safe, convenient, and legal.

Documents such as legal agreements, trademarks, court transcripts, complaints, litigation documents, contracts, and certificates are a few types of the many types of documents that legal translation services in Jebel Ali cover.

pointers that need to be considered before choosing the best legal translation services in Jebel Ali

But finding reliable legal translation services won’t be easy, so here are some pointers that need to be considered before choosing the best legal translation in Jebel Ali:

Check the provider’s familiarity with the legal system of your target country

Each state has its own different legal system, so you need to ensure that the legal translation service provider has extensive experience in dealing with different countries or at least your target country. It is also important for your chosen company to know the UAE legal system itself first. If the legal translator is not qualified, legal contracts may be subject to serious repercussions since word-for-word translations may not always express the appropriate tone, context, or meaning.

Legal translators need to understand the meaning of the words they translate coupled with the meaning of the laws those words represent.

Make sure the legal translation company has a quality assurance process

Quality Assurance is the main key to any translation project to ensure an error-free translation. In a professional legal translation company, QA must take place before, during, and after the translation process to make sure that they meet the client’s expectations. Moreover, they won’t try to cut corners, they will allow for sufficient time in each phase of your project to be performed appropriately. When you work with ALS, we will make you feel that your legal document was originally written in the target language.

Ensure Confidentiality

Given the large number of translation services available today, it would be difficult for you to select one that will fully protect the privacy of your files and give you an accurate legal translation, that’s why any legal translation agency that offers high-quality services should clearly explain how it handles this type of data then leave the choice to the client. Since these confidential documents will be translated into multiple languages, it will also be important for your legal translator to keep track of your target country’s laws and regulations. Modern security features are employed by ALS to guarantee the complete protection and confidentiality of your data.

As a result, we are your trustworthy translation partner for 100% confidential legal translators.

Look into the certifications either of the company itself or the translators

To achieve the optimal level of legal translation, specific qualifications and certificates are needed. So, before choosing your legal translation provider, you have to ensure they have a team of professional linguists who are certified in the languages and the legal field specifically to ensure that your target audience will receive your content piece. You should also check how a company selects its translators and what kinds of certification or testing it requires from them.

For obtaining the best legal translation service, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the company’s certifications, especially ISO 9001, 17100, or 27001 badges.

Who can benefit from legal translation Jebel Ali ?

Who can benefit from legal translation services in Dubai

Legal translation services in Dubai can benefit individuals, businesses, and organizations that require the translation of legal documents such as contracts, agreements, and court documents to facilitate communication and compliance with legal requirements in the UAE.

Entrepreneurs and Corporates

Legal translation goes beyond just translating materials for attorneys or court cases, it is the first line of legal defense if your company is targeting international audiences. You will need to translate many documents such as legal contracts, ownership documents, corporate documentation, business deal, and bank statements to safeguard your business in various markets.


Dubai is one of the world’s leading tourism destinations. So, if you want to explore this exceptional city, you will need legal translation of the tour guides, brochures, the whole visa process, and your driving license.

International Students

If you are coming to Jebel Ali for short or long-term study, you should have translated versions of your certificates, degree, and a recommendation letter. The same goes for employees, you will require a passport, business cards, entry permits, etc.


Immigrants are required to submit a never-ending amount of documents, which can be so stressful, employment records, birth and marriage certificates, character references, educational, trade, and professional qualifications, police certificates, financial records, and health records are just some of the documents often required for immigration translation.

Choosing a translation provider with expertise in the field is essential because legal translation uses special terminology. It is crucial to ensure that the translation is accurate given the delicate nature of legal papers. Legal translation errors can have significant legal and financial issues.

Why is ATS the right choice for your Legal Translation Jebel Ali?

Why ATS is the right choice for your legal translation in Dubai

ATS is the right choice for your legal translation Jebel Ali because of its experienced team of certified legal translators, quality assurance processes, fast turnaround time, and competitive pricing.

Experienced professionals

We primarily deal with native-speaking legal translators who are thoroughly rooted in their home nation to ensure that your messages are memorable in your target country. We also choose them based on their extensive industry experience.

Quality is our business

Because quality is more than just a word; our goal is to go above and beyond expectations by focusing on improving the quality of our legal translation service, as well as the experience we provide to our clients and partners.

We are available 24/7 for you

We have a large network of qualified legal translators who are available 24/7 to help you communicate with ease and will provide you with the best-in-class translation service in a fast turnaround time.

Your data is in safe hands with us

As legal translation providers, we come into contact with sensitive information. In ATS, your data is safeguarded by strict internal security measures.

Last but not least, legal translation is one of the most challenging types of document translation. This type of translation has no room for errors, misinterpretations, or ambiguities.

The world’s legal systems differ. Foreign nationals, tourists, and enterprises are expected to abide by the law just like local citizens do. Therefore, if you are in the UAE, you must abide by the laws and rules of the nation. So, you must therefore be fully informed about legal translation Jebel Ali services.

As legal translation is a sensitive type of translation, you must choose your translation provider carefully by checking their expertise, the target country’s legal system’s extensive knowledge, and confidentiality.

In ATS, you can always rely on our team of experts in Dubai to provide the best legal translation services.

No matter how big or complicated your project is, we will always put a lot of effort into keeping our promise to support your global expansion.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to ATS on the contact us page for extra details.

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