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Best Reliable Sworn Translations For All Your Legal Needs

Best Reliable Sworn Translations For All Your Legal Needs

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In the world of sworn translation, laws vary greatly from one country to another. This means that sworn translators need to know the legal ins and outs of the country they’re translating for. It’s not just about language skills but a deep understanding of the legal system. That’s why we collaborate with translators who excel in language and have a track record in the legal field. This way, we can guarantee precise and reliable sworn translations for all your legal needs.

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What are sworn translation services, and who can provide them?

Sworn translation is a special type of translation, not like regular translation services. In sworn translations, specific translators authorized by a notary take on the responsibility for translating documents.

When a sworn translator handles a document, it gets printed. This type of translation includes information about where and when the translator worked on it and the language pairs used. 

Important details in a sworn translation are the translator’s first and last name, their signature, stamp, and a declaration confirming the accuracy of the translation.

This process ensures that the translation is legal and accurate. The translator’s credentials and the official stamp make the translation valid and reliable for official use.

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The sworn translator’s role

When translators do a sworn, certified, or notarized translation, they play a double role; they provide translation services and officially certify the final document. This direct involvement enhances the legal validity of the translated text. For a translation to be “sworn,” it must be done by a specialist who has taken an official oath in front of a court. After completing the translation, the translator affixes their stamp on the document, granting it legal recognition with courts and authorities.

Our sworn translators at ATC possess linguistic and legal expertise, collaborating with lawyers, solicitors, and other translators experienced in legal matters. This collaboration ensures the production of highly accurate sworn translation services.

Distinctive features in sworn translation

A sworn translation of a document needs specific elements. It should say it’s a “certified and true copy” of the original, and the sworn translator’s seal and signature are necessary. The translator must mention their full name, the title “sworn translator,” and the languages they’re certified for.

The document should clearly state its translation and mention the original language. The formatting should closely match the original, including pagination and clearly indicating the document’s end. These steps protect the document’s content by preventing fraudulent changes.

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Sworn translation is indispensable for many documents

Many organizations at home and abroad often ask for sworn translations. This helps make sure that the translation and the document are officially recognized. Universities, postgraduate departments, and administrative institutions often require official document validity. Let’s look at a few examples of documents that regularly require translation by a sworn professional.

  • Certificates.
  • Testimonials.
  • Evidence of court cases.
  • Verdicts.
  • Statutes.
  • Diplomas.
  • Certificate of conduct.
  • Statements of inheritance.
  • Bank guarantees.
  • Contracts.
  • Patents.
  • Summonses.
  • Agreements.
  • Marriage certificates.

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Get the best-sworn translation Dubai easily with ATC

No need for our translator to check the original document. Just upload a good copy Via email or WhatsApp for translation, and you’ll get a fast quote. 

The cost depends on the languages you want. This is because finding a sworn translator for specific language pairs affects the price. The sworn or certified translation might cost more if your language is not common. 

After you confirm your order, we’ll assign a suitable sworn translator, a native speaker of the target language. They will start translating your document. 

We’ll keep the format close to the original. Once it’s done, we’ll send the translation to you electronically. Keep in mind, though, that this electronic copy won’t be accepted as a sworn or certified translation. 

The final sworn translation will be stamped, and you should come to receive it as a hard copy so that the authorities accept it.

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Confidential and secure online service

You can easily order a sworn translation from Alsun Translation Company anytime using email or WhatsApp. We value data security and ensure a safe online service for our customers. We understand your documents are personal, so feel free to upload them to us 24/7, ensuring complete confidentiality during translation. You can conveniently track your order from your home with our customer team. Additionally, our online translation service provides secure payment methods. Reach out to us today for your sworn translation needs.

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Sworn Translation for companies with international businesses

ATC understands the unique requirements of multinational businesses. That’s why we provide sworn translations that are globally recognized. We aim to ensure your journey towards global expansion is smooth and obstacle-free.

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Sworn translations for universities and educational institutions

As more people go study in different countries and international students increase, the demand for sworn translations has gone up. ATC provides reliable translations for institutions and individuals who need accurate certification services. You can count on us for all your certification needs.

Sworn translations for government agencies

At ATC, we promise to translate your documents according to the rules set by government agencies. Our team of certified legal translators, who specialize in different fields, works around the clock to provide fast, efficient, and certified services.

Choose ATC for unmatched sworn interpretation services!

At ATC, precision meets professionalism, ensuring your message is perfectly conveyed. Our sworn interpreters ensure every detail is clear, reducing the chance of misunderstandings. 

Alsun caters to different industries, providing efficient solutions, global knowledge, and strong confidentiality. 

Boost your global presence and improve interactions in legal, corporate, and multicultural environments with our professional sworn interpreters. Count on us for top-notch sworn interpretation services; language won’t be a hurdle but a path to success.

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Professional sworn translators for over 50 languages

Are you in need of a sworn translator nearby? ATC has a team of language experts, guaranteeing certified translations for more than 50 languages and 500+ language pairs no matter where you are. Let’s explore some of the languages ATC can translate:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • And many more.

Our extensive network of linguists ensures accurate and reliable sworn translations, making communication across different languages hassle-free.

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Why choose ATC to translate sworn documents?

When you choose ATC’s sworn translation services, you choose quality, high standards, and experience. This choice matters because it can make a real difference and help you avoid problems later on when you submit sworn translations to local or global government offices. 

  • Alsun Translation Company is accredited by the embassies and the UAE Ministry of Justice, which ensures the accuracy and easy approval of the documents we translate.
  • Our project managers communicate with our sworn translators to ensure your documents are delivered by the established date and time.
  • Our professional sworn translators are certified by the respective government agencies.
  • We take the confidentiality and security of your data very seriously, handling the confidential information sensitively following the law.
  • With ATC, you can order your sworn translation in a few minutes, and we will quickly give you a detailed quote.

Overall, sworn translations, known for their legal validity, demand meticulous handling, including the translator’s signature, seal, and declaration of accuracy. Our dedicated team of sworn translators at ATC, proficient in over 50 languages, guarantees the authenticity and legality of your documents. ATC’s commitment to quality, confidentiality, and security makes us the preferred choice for seamless global communication.

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