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Translation Drivers License

Translation Drivers License

translation drivers license

When you travel to a big city like Dubai with its variety and beautiful places as well as its plenty and different streets, you need the translation driver’s license with you. In addition, if you are investors or looking for a job, you need to have a driver license. Translation drivers license is very essential to be able to drive your own or hire a car\ vehicle everywhere and every-time after passing a driving test after that send it to the translation office to have the translation driver license with you all time.

Translation drivers license in Dubai

Translation drivers license is very essential whether you are an UAE individual or a stranger in Dubai. Driving license translation helps also to approve the identity of many people. If you have an attested driving licence translation in Dubai, you can take the advantages of having a license.

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Why choose Arkan  to get a certified driving license translation?

To have an attested driving license translation, you can ask help from Arkan Legal Translation Dubai. Arkan is a certified translation agency in Dubai. Our Certified Legal Translators are professional and can offer you a certified driving license translation and other relevant documents. They can offer this service in more than 50 languages including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Chinese and Italian.

Obtaining a driving license translation near me

When you have a valid driving license in your origin country, you can send a copy of your driving license and other required documents. We in Arkan present the services at any time you want. If you are from these countries you can translate your driving license without passing a driving test. These countries are: Qatar, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Kuwait, Oman, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Germany, South Africa, US, United Kingdom.

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What are the difficulties of driving without the translation of your License?

driving license translation

Driving without a translated license may have many difficulties as follows:

  • Driving without a translated license becomes illegal in many countries and leads to fees.
  • You don’t have the right to  ask for insurance when you drive a car without a translated license and have an accident.
  • When you want to rent a car in a foreign country, you should have a translated license. In another way, when you don’t have a translated license, you may face many problems or pay higher rates.

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What time is an attested driving license translation demanded?

You need to have an attested driving licence translation for many reasons:

  1. When you are applying for a job in another country, you must have a  driver’s license in the form. When the driver’s license is in your native language, it will need to be translated.
  2. For traveling abroad, outside your original country, you need to get a translated driver’s license. For example, when you travel to Europe, you need also to have a translated driver’s license for a personal or unique reason.

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The required documents you need to obtain driving license translation

When you want to obtain a driving license translation dubai, you can send a driving license with other documents to get an attested driving license translation. These documents including:

  1. Your passport
  2. An attested driving license
  3. A uae tax residency
  4. Completing the form of movable license
  5. Health certificate
  6. Sight certificate

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The steps or procedures of attesting the authenticity of driving license translation dubai

driving license translation dubai
driving license translation dubai

There are many procedures to have a valid driving license translation dubai

  • Sending a clear copy of your driving license to translate all information in it.
  • Confirming that all information is found in the translated driving license.
  • Asking help from professional translators to assure the accurate driving license translation.
  • Confirming that the driving license translation has the same shape as the original.

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The reasons for having a driving license translation to Arabic

You need a driving license translation near me to many reasons:

  1. Visiting the UAE for setting up a small project or spending a holiday with your own car or renting a car.
  2. Completing your studies in the UAE or other Arab countries. You need to obtain a driver’s license translation because you move at many places. 

All of these reasons needed a driving license translation near me and you are in the right place,Arkan.

Obtaining an international translation of driver’s license

If you want to obtain an international translation of a driver’s license, you must visit the Driving and Vehicle licensing Agency based in Dubai. When a driver needs an international license, he must have the original one and pass the driving test . In addition,he must pay fines in a six_month period before having an international translation of driver’s license.    

FAQS About driving license translation Dubai

  How many languages do you translate for a certified driving license?

Most popular languages for Driving license translation include but are not limited to Arabic, Bosian, Chinese, French, English, Danish, Hindi, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Korean, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese.

How long does it take to translate a Driving License?

Most of the Driving License Translation takes 2_3 working days. Send your documents quickly and our translation expert will give your exact delivery time.

How much does it cost to get a translation for a driving license?

To get  a driving license translation near me can vary from one place to another depending on the validity of the translation and the type of it. Contact us in Alsun and we will help you at a suitable price.

In conclusion, a Translation Drivers License is very important in Dubai. You need to have a certified  driving license in your home country, then you obtain a driving license translation to Arabic in the UAE or any other Arab countries. If you have a fine for speeding or not wearing the seatbelt, you must pay them before obtaining the driving license translation dubai.   

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