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Top 10 legal translation agencies in Dubai: A comprehensive review

Top 10 legal translation agencies in Dubai: A comprehensive review

Legal Translation Agencies: Every success story begins with a dream, a vision that propels individuals to achieve greatness. And in legal translation, Dubai boasts a myriad of agencies that have transformed dreams into reality. This blog brings you Dubai’s top 10 legal translation agencies that have left an indelible mark on the city’s legal landscape.

1- Arkan Translation Company

Arkan Translation Company in Dubai sets the benchmark for excellence in the translation industry. Its team of 200+ translators, skilled in over 50 languages, caters to a diverse clientele, including government departments, law firms, and international companies. 

Specializing in legal translations, its native translators deliver fast and accurate certified translations recognized by the UAE Ministry of Justice, notary publics, courts, and embassies. 

Beyond translation, Arkan offers a comprehensive range of language services, such as proofreading, copywriting, DTP, and interpreting. 

Renowned as a world-class translation company in the UAE, Arkan’s commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and timely deliveries has fostered enduring partnerships. 

For the most reliable and professional translation services in Dubai, Arkan Translation Company is the trusted choice.

2- Prompt Attestation Services

Prompt Attestation is a highly reputable agency known for its professionalism and dedication. 

With a global network of trusted partners, they ensure customer satisfaction by offering reliable services to clients worldwide. 

Expertly handling complex paperwork, they understand the value of time and money, so they are certified with ISO 9001:2015. 

Specializing in Certificate Attestation across 120+ countries, including the UAE, India, Europe, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, they provide convenience to clients through a document tracking system. 

As Dubai’s go-to choice for legal translation services, Prompt Attestation offers reliable expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction, cementing its reputation.

3- Communication Legal Translation

Established in 1996, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is a reputable agency known for its exceptional commercial translation services. 

Headquartered in Dubai, a prominent business hub in the Middle East, CLT goes above and beyond to exceed clients’ expectations and support them in achieving their commercial objectives. 

The agency offers a comprehensive range of accurate, prompt, and cost-effective translation services, catering to diverse sectors, including law firms, advertising agencies, financial institutions, and training companies. 

With a specialization in Arabic translation, vital for business in the Middle East and North Africa, CLT prides itself on its versatility, providing translation services in over 75 major world languages. 

Whether you need professional translation services or assistance in public relations, advertising, finance, or technology, CLT is your ultimate language solution.

4- Index Legal Translation

Index Legal Translation is a translation agency in the UAE specializing in legal translation services for official use. 

Its team of MOJ-certified translators ensures accurate translations for documents intended for submission to government departments, such as Immigration, Driving School, and the Ministry of Labor. 

Since its establishment in 2003, Index Legal Translation company has garnered recognition for its exceptional translations, earning the trust of major companies both locally and internationally. 

Committed to surpassing client expectations, they prioritize innovation, maintaining the highest quality standards. Their vision is to connect people globally, eliminating language barriers and providing a wide range of translation services to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses.

5- Alif Legal Translation Services

Alif Global Legal Translation Services, based in Dubai, UAE, is a leading agency specializing in legal translations. 

With certification and approval from the UAE Ministry of Justice, they offer a wide range of translation services in over 100 languages, catering to various industries. 

The agency prides itself on staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the field, ensuring they meet the translation industry’s and its client’s demands. 

Backed by a team of highly experienced translators and content developers, Alif Global guarantees excellent service and flawless content delivery at competitive prices. 

Its vision is to be the preferred choice in the industry. It fosters business growth and cultural connections globally and aims to integrate human resources with emerging trends, providing accurate translations and high-quality content worldwide.

6- Al Syed Legal Translation

Al Syed Legal Translation has been delivering excellent language services since 2007. 

With a team of experienced translators and industry professionals, it promptly provides accurate written and oral translations, interpretations, audio-visuals, transcriptions, subtitling, and content-writing services. 

Its commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled, offering prompt turnaround times and upholding ethical standards. 

The team adheres to the highest ethical principles to ensure the final product meets client expectations. 

7- Legal Translation Dubai

Legal Translation Dubai is a market-leading agency in Dubai offering translation and interpretation services. 

With a team of qualified and native-speaking translators, it ensures fast and accurate translations with zero errors. 

Legal Translation Dubai specializes in various fields, including legal, certified, medical, financial, technical, website, marketing, and immigration translation. 

The agency’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its track record of serving multinational organizations and individuals worldwide. 

Its 3-Step Quality Check System guarantees high-quality translations by senior translators. With their dedication to excellence and a loyal customer base, Legal Translation Dubai continues to provide premium translation services.

8- Diamond Legal Translation

With 18 years of industry experience, DLT is a trusted provider of legal and other translations in over 75 languages. It excels in delivering high-quality results while maintaining budget-friendly prices. 

Beyond legal translations, DLT offers a wide range of services, including medical, financial, media, and website translations, as well as interpretation services. 

Its carefully selected team of certified translators ensures top-notch quality and professionalism, fueled by creativity, international recognition, and a client-centric approach. 

DLT’s vision is backed by full-time staff and a commitment to meeting deadlines, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

9- Aburuf Leal Translation Services

Aburuf Legal Translation Services, a highly reputable agency based in Dubai, UAE, specializes in professional translation services. 

With over two decades of experience, they offer Arabic, English, Russian, and French translations. 

These translations, approved by the Ministry of Justice, are known for their accuracy and reliability. 

Moreover, Aburuf provides additional services such as typing and documentation, including drafting legal contracts and agreements. 

To further assist clients, their dedicated PRO team handles document attestation, application follow-ups, and company registration. 

With a diverse staff proficient in five languages, Aburuf ensures efficient and high-quality services. 

Expanding their presence to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sudan, they cater to global clients and are widely trusted for their expertise and commitment to excellence.

10- PoliLingua

PoliLingua is a renowned global language services provider. They cater to worldwide businesses, individuals, and government agencies with expertise in translation, interpretation, SEO, localization, voiceover, and more. 

Founded in 2002 by skilled linguists and project managers, PoliLingua quickly expanded to become a leading language services provider. 

Its physical offices in London, Chișinău, Berlin, Paris, Milan, and Madrid, combined with its robust online presence, enable it to serve clients globally. 

With a diverse range of language solutions and a commitment to high-quality service, PoliLingua is a trusted partner for all language-related needs.

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