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8 advanced Translation Tools

8 advanced Translation Tools

In today’s world, translators use many helpful translation tools to improve their translation workflow and be able to produce high-quality and accurate translations. Such tools make the translation process quicker and more accurate and of course, save translators time and effort and it helps the translators to produce a good translation service. Here are eight translation tools every translator should know.

Why do you need translation tools?

Translation tools have many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Speed up the translation process.
  • Ensure translation integrity.
  • Improve translation quality. 
  • Ensure cost-effectiveness.

Some of the translation tools are paid, and others are free:

  1. MemoQ

MemoQ is a paid and reliable translation software tool. This tool increases translators’ productivity thanks to its many useful features such as fast spell-checking, automatic saving, extracting and importing terms from any glossaries, and free online training.

There is a 30-day trial with limited features to try this software. It helps translators and translation offices to produce fast and accurate translation services in any country.

  2. SDL Trados Studio

No doubt, SDL Trados is one of the most comprehensive translation tools. There are two versions of this software one for translators and the other for companies. SDL Trados has many innovative features such as; the Autosuggest feature, translation memory feature, concordance searching, PDF OCR reader, and language-specific QA checking. There is a 30-day trial to try first. 

  3. Wordfast 

 This translation tool helps translators save time, money, and effort. It has many helpful features such as; spell-check feature and translation memory.   There are two versions of Wordfast; Wordfast Classic which supports word documents only and Wordfast Pro which supports many formats. There is a 30-day trial with limited features to try this software. 

  4. Across

It is a comprehensive translation tool. This tool boosts translators’ productivity and saves money and effort. There is a free online version with limited features. 

  5. Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is a reliable translation tool that facilitates database-supported translation. This translation tool supports many file formats. There is a 30-day trial. 

Free Translation Tools 

  1. Smartcat

Smartcat is a comprehensive and free translation tool. Although Smartcat is a free tool, it offers additional paid features. Smartcat can identify all terms in a text and indicate the correct translation. This translation tool has an automatic quality assurance feature and it supports +70 languages. 

  2. Google Docs

Google Docs is a free translation tool with many advantages. It is a cloud-based translation tool which means you can write on a Google server, rather than on your computer. It facilities the translation process and saves time and effort.

you can use google translate but don’t depend on it completely because it’s a literal translation.

  3. OmegaT

OmegaT is a free and reliable open-source translation tool. It has many useful features such as spell check, translation memory and context search in translation memories, match propagation, and glossary matching. This tool helps translators improve their productivity and facilities’ translation process.


The above 8 Advanced Translation Tools help translators to increase their productivity and facilitate the translation process. Also, these tools ensure integrity and cost-effectiveness. You can choose the tool that suits your needs and client requirements and help you to produce accurate legal translation services in Dubai.

Take your translations to the next level with 8 advanced translation tools. Streamline your workflow and achieve greater accuracy. Contact us today to explore these powerful translation tools and boost your productivity.

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