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The Cost of legal translation in Dubai

The Cost of legal translation in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the world. This economic transformation of Dubai over recent decades has been accompanied by major changes in relation to its population structure and living conditions. Subsequently, the legal and administrative systems are evolving parallel to the growing population mobility in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

However, it is worth mentioning that legal translation has played a very important role in the contact between different cultures and different legal systems, in the increasingly globalized environment such as Dubai, it is playing an even more important role.

Legal translation is one of the most specialized and difficult fields of translation, but we will focus our investigation on factors affecting the determination of the cost of legal translation and how to calculate the cost, then investigate the average prices of legal translation in UAE in general, lastly, a detailed list of estimated costs of legal translation in Dubai will be illustrated for each type of legal documents.

The Cost of legal translation

When it comes to the current cost of legal translation in Dubai, many people wonder about the relatively higher translation rates of the cost of legal translation in Dubai. Yet, there’s a reason why this service is a bit more expensive. Legal translation bears the added burden of considering legal aspects not found in other texts.

Legal translators must work not only between two languages and two cultures but between legal systems that are very different due to the strong socio-cultural and historical factors. Even minor errors in translating legal documents can result in lawsuits and legal exposure. Legal translation services involve a very complex performativity nature and specialized terminology; this gives you a glimpse into why legal translation costs relatively more expensive than other types of translation.

How much does the legal translation cost in Dubai?

The legal language has developed particular linguistic features like: lexical, syntactical, and pragmatic to fulfill the demands of the law. Such linguistic characteristics of legal language have profound implications for the prices of legal translation in the UAE. However, the cost of legal translation varies according to a number of facts: language, text type, degree of formality, percentage of repeat in text, file format, as well as many other factors.

Cost of legal translation in Dubai based on language on the location:

LanguageAverage cost per word (AED)
Into Arabic and vice versa
English (Br & Am)0.50 – 0.75
Asian languages0.75 – 0.95
Scandinavian languages0.75 – 0.95
European Languages0.65- 0.90

Cost of legal translation in Dubai based on legal document type and degree of formality:

Legal documentAverage cost per word (AED)
Into Arabic and vice versa Language
Contracts60 – 65
Court Judgments60 -65
Memoranda of Association65 -75
Powers of Attorney65 – 75
Insurance Documents65 – 85
Shipping & Maritime Documents65 – 85
Immigration Documents70 – 95
Litigation Documents70 – 95
Wills70 -95

Cost of legal translation in Dubai based on a percentage of repeat in the text (repeated forms):

Repeated formAverage cost per page (AED)
English into Arabic and vice versa
Birth Certificate40 – 50
Death Certificate40 – 50
Marriage Certificate40 – 50
Divorce Certificate40 – 50


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