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How to Calculate Translation Costs in UAE?

How to Calculate Translation Costs in UAE?

You may ask why some translation service providers charge you more than others. Simply because translation costs in UAE vary depending on many factors, such as text complexity, language combination, the volume of work, your requirements, and so on.

Each translation service provider uses different methods to determine and calculate the costs of the translation. In this blog post, we will discuss the factors that impact translation costs in the UAE and how to calculate such costs.

What are the factors that impact translation costs in the UAE?

As we mentioned before translation costs depend on several factors, which are as follows:

Language Combination

Translation pricing depends highly on the language combination; the source and the target languages. Of course, some languages are more common than others. Languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and German are popular languages and are requested in the UAE, this makes them less expensive than other rare languages, such as Thai and Uzbek. It is a matter of supply and demand.

Text Complexity

Some translation types are more complex than others, for example, translation of a medical text is way harder than translating a general text. The first text will require a translator who has an in-depth knowledge of medical translation terminology.

Such a translator will be paid more than a translator who translates a general text. Also, legal and technical texts are considered complex texts that require specialized translators with adequate expertise in these areas of translation. 

Work Volume

If a certain client is planning to make a volume commitment, the translation service provider is more likely to give that client preferential pricing. Clients translating several thousand words will see discounted prices, especially for legal translation documents.

Translation Technology and File Format

Translation technologies and file formats play a significant role in determining the translation cost of a certain text. Some clients require using certain translation tools, such as CAT tools to get the translation done.

Such tools can reduce translation costs and speed up the translation process. Furthermore, the client may request a certain format. No doubt that working on Ms. Word document is easier than working on a website or PowerPoint file. Working on advanced formatting added an extra cost to the translation. 

Delivery Time

Delivery times differ depending on the Translation service provider’s expertise and client request. Additional costs may be added if the client is pressing for quicker delivery time.

How to calculate translation costs in the UAE?

There are many ways to calculate translation costs, among these ways, are the following:

Translation costs per word

Many translators and translation service providers follow this way to calculate translation costs. Determination of costs per word is considered the fairest way. Some translation service providers and translators ask to be charged based on the target language word count and others ask to be charged on the source language word count.

Translation costs per page

Translation costs in the UAE may be calculated based on the number of pages. This way works in the case of non-editable files such as texts scanned to PDF files. A translation service provider may estimate the words of the page and give a fair price to the client.

Translation costs per hour

Some translators estimate their effort in translating a certain text by the hour. Although this way usually works in favor of the translator it is not commonly used. Legal translation Dubai cost depends on word counts rather than hours.


Now, you have learned about the factors that impact translation pricing as well as how to calculate translation costs, you can be the expert now. Contact us to get a free quote today online on Legal Translation Dubai.

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