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Five tips to be a Professional Interpreter

Five tips to be a Professional Interpreter

Professional interpreter: Interpreting is rendering information and ideas from one language into another language by means of speaking. Interpreters in legal translation Dubai company are concerned with spoken words and verbal communication. In other words, interpreters help people overcome language barriers and serve as a bridge in intercultural communication. Through the listening and analysis effort, the interpreter in Dubai understands the original text, then stores it in their Short-Term Memory and renders the target text through the production effort. The interpretation process may also be complicated because of the cognitive load, lack of cultural awareness, or other unpredictable factors. Below, we will discuss the top five tips for improving your interpreting skills.

Top 5 tips to be a Professional Interpreter

The top five tips to be a Professional Interpreter include building vocabulary, practicing active listening, mastering note-taking, developing cultural awareness, and seeking feedback and evaluation from peers and mentors.

1- Hearing Skills

Compared with general listening, listening in interpreting is a more complicated and difficult process. The setting, temporal and physical conditions, in which communication takes place also play an important role in the interpretation process. Therefore, shadowing exercises can be used to improve your listening and speaking skills; it is basically to repeat what the speaker (in TL) says as quickly and as accurately as possible. By keeping on practicing this skill repeatedly you will level up your overall performance in the interpreting field as an interpreter in Dubai.

2- Public Speaking Skills

In any interpreting situation, an interpreter should not mumble, stutter, or speak too quickly or slowly. It is obviously necessary to have a clear, well-modulated voice and a smooth style of delivery. Consequently, focusing on how you sound and thinking about your stance, movement, facial expressions and use of hands will help you improve this skill as an interpreter in Dubai.

3- Note-Taking Skills

The interpreter in Dubai should begin taking notes as soon as one of the parties begins speaking. Interpreters should bring a notebook of appropriate size with them which is easy to look through. And in order to make the notes convenient to read out, the contents written down in each line should not be too much to avoid the occurrence of misunderstandings and misinterpretation.

4- Re-expression Skills

Interpreters can follow the principle of syntactic linearity during interpreting. It means that the interpreters follow the order of the source language, segmenting the input sentences into sense groups, concepts, or information units and then naturally linking them together by some techniques so as to interpret the original meaning of the whole discourse.

5- Reasoning Memorization Skills

Psychological and psycholinguistic experiments show that information is stored in the form of an abstract network. Reasoning memorization requires interpreters to make good use of the relationship among different information to combine bigger information units. This way of memorization is suitable for those boring speeches without good consistency.
Interpretation is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, If so, have you turned that growth to your advantage as an interpreter in Dubai?

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