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Expert German Legal Translation Services

Expert German Legal Translation Services

german legal translation

German legal translation services are indispensable. At ATS, we’re experts in this field. We focus on getting the language right, understanding the culture, and knowing the law. This means our translation services are top-notch. We ensure everything is accurate and true to the original.

German Legal Translation In Dubai

German, alongside Afrikaans, English, Dutch, Scots, and Frisian, belongs to the West Germanic family of languages. These languages share common lexemes, units of linguistic meaning that remain consistent regardless of inflectional endings. 

German is widely spoken in Central Europe and is the co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), the German-speaking Community of Belgium, and Liechtenstein. Additionally, it is one of the three official languages in Luxembourg.

German legal translation services handle various types of law, such as insurance, employment, civil, criminal, and commercial law. This includes translating contracts, articles of association, case bundles, witness statements, and related texts. 

At Arkan, we deliver German legal translation services super-fast, making us one of the quickest in the industry while maintaining quality. We offer legal transcription and interpreting as part of our translation services.

Our team of German legal experts has years of experience ensuring accuracy by following a thorough process tailored to your needs.

When do you need certified German legal translation services?

In Germany, many places need certified German legal translation services. This ensures that the translated documents meet the required standards.

1-Registry offices:

When you need to register births, marriages, or deaths in Germany, you usually require translated versions of foreign certificates that have been certified to be accurate. These German legal translation services are essential because they ensure that officials understand the information on the certificates correctly. Without these translations, it can be difficult for the registry offices to process the necessary paperwork. Therefore, having certified translations is essential for completing the registration process smoothly.

2-Foreigner’s office:

You might need translated documents to get a visa or residence permit or become a German citizen. These could include your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or proof of income. So, it’s essential to ensure these papers are translated accurately. Certified German translators usually do this. They guarantee that the translation is correct and valid.


Courts need translated documents like evidence, contracts, and important legal documents. These translations must be certified, meaning they’re declared to be true. This helps the court understand the information correctly.

4-Universities and colleges:

Are you thinking about studying in Germany? If your previous education was in another language, you might need German legal translation services for your transcripts and degrees. This is common for universities and colleges in Germany. It’s important because they want to understand your academic background accurately.


Employers often ask for German legal translation services when your qualifications or references were originally in another language. This means they want an official translation. It’s important because it ensures accuracy and authenticity. Certified translations are like a guarantee that the information is reliable.

6-Insurance companies: 

Insurance companies often require German legal translation services for essential documents when dealing with claims from incidents in other countries. These translations are necessary to ensure all parties can understand and verify the information accurately. 

7-Intellectual property: 

Protecting your ideas is essential. This involves registering trademarks, patents, and copyrights. When dealing with legal matters related to intellectual property, you might need certified German translations of essential documents. These translations ensure the legal aspects are accurately conveyed in different languages. This step is necessary to safeguard your intellectual property rights.

Arkan for the best legal German translation Dubai

german legal translation in dubai

Arkan is a trusted, certified company for professional German translation services. We’ve been helping individuals and law firms with German legal translation for over 15 years. Our services cover everything from legal translation for immigration to German translations needed for all services in Germany and speaking countries.

What makes Arkan different is our dedication to providing top-notch, customized German legal translation services. We focus on involving native, highly-skilled German translators in our translation process. This guarantees precision and careful attention to detail.

Additionally, our team of experienced linguists is well-versed in German legal terminology. This expertise allows us to convey the meaning of legal documents accurately. Our human touch ensures the nuances of the language are captured effectively.

Moreover, we understand the importance of deadlines in legal matters. We have an efficient workflow and commitment to timely delivery. We believe in making the translation process smooth and stress-free for our clients.

Legal German Translation for Every Document

Our German translators can help with various legal documents, translating them to or from German. They are skilled in handling a variety of legal materials. We’ve got a lot of experience translating various legal documents, such as:

  • Immigration documents.
  • Summons and complaints.
  • Court and witness transcripts.
  • Contracts.
  • Depositions.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Legal disclaimers.
  • Legal certifications and statements.
  • Regulations and laws.
  • documents need a sworn translation.
  • Legal and Government ruling reports.
  • Technical documents for supporting litigation efforts.
  • Letters of credit.
  • Expert reports translation.
  • Licenses translation.
  • Litigation.

Multilingual German Legal Translation Services

In addition to Arabic to German and German to Arabic legal translation, we provide legal translation services for various languages, including English to English. Our network of professional translators extends to European languages like German to Portuguese Portuguese to German, Finnish to German, German to Finnish, French to German, and Swedish to German.

Furthermore, we specialize in professional Asian language translations. This includes German-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-German translation services across various fields like medicine, law, games, e-commerce, and more.

Getting German legal documents translated requires special skills. We’re good at this. Being a certified German translation Dubai company, we know the language inside out. Plus, we understand how to handle court documents in Germany. You can trust us. We promise accurate translations and provide notarized certificates to prove it.

Why choose Arkan German Translation Dubai?

  • We have a top-notch team of native legal translators who speak excellent German and know much about legal matters.
  • Our prices for translating legal German documents are fair and reasonable, and we always strive for the highest quality.
  • We can translate your documents quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • We are committed to keeping your data private and confidential, and we won’t reveal any secrets.
  • Our services are approved by embassies and official bodies, making them perfect for official procedures.
  • We convey information honestly, ensuring your translation is correct and stands out.

The bottom line

Getting German legal translation services is indispensable for many situations, and you need a top-notch certified translation company. At Arkan Legal Translation Dubai , our team of native translators is dedicated and skilled, ensuring accuracy in every document. We handle translations for various purposes like registry offices, courts, universities, and more, promising precision and certification. With 15+ years of experience, we prioritize timely delivery and confidentiality, making us a reliable choice.

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