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A Full Guide For Degree Certificate Translation

A Full Guide For Degree Certificate Translation

degree certificate translation


A degree certificate is a documented identification that proves the passing of a specific degree in the education path. That’s why in the case of traveling to another country as the UAE, there will be an urgent need for a degree certificate translation to fit in the local educational system. A certificate translation isn’t intentionally made for translation only, but also for carrying a stamp of authenticity from the responsible officials. 

Moreover, when preparing the degree certificate translation in Dubai, the process should be notarized or authenticated with an accredited agency. For this reason, Arkan agency hires only translators who are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice and listed as certified translators in Dubai to ensure that the process goes well at ease.

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When do I need to translate my degree certificate?

It’s always necessary to keep in consideration that if you’re a student who desires to study in the UAE, or an employee or even, a business owner launching your own business, a certified translation of degree certificate is one of the first and most significant steps in the admission process. As well, degree certificates are usually translated to the official language of the UAE which is Arabic. 

That’s why the translation of degree certificates is the ideal solution, but there are specific situations that require degree certificate translation including but not limited to:

  • When applying for a School or University in the UAE.
  • As well, as for the case of employment purposes or employment-based visas.
  •  When comparing grades to test if applicants are qualified enough for admission.
  • Additionally, for immigration purposes outside of the UAE.
  • When applying for citizenship requests.

It’s required to administer your case and direct it to your legal agency as fast as possible. When dealing with Arkan agency, your process will be cut off because we intend to provide you with all the details you need at the first consultation step for proceeding with the legal translation immediately.

Types of degree certificate translation

Usually, legal translation agencies have various types of diploma-certified translations at different levels for the sake of fitting all customer needs. These degree certificates can include:

  • High school diploma 
  • College certificate 
  • Academic transcript 
  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Master’s degree 
  • Ph.D. and doctoral degree 
  • Report cards

Moreover, some technical legal translations only leading agencies can provide are:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Podcasts 
  • Textbooks 
  • Seminars
  • Research papers
  • Official dissertation

From this point, Arkan agency makes sure to provide all its customers with the ultimate translation for all kinds of legal documents that require authorization in the UAE.

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Need for authorization of degree certificate translation

The need for authorization of degree certificate translation in a document is mainly for official legal purposes. That’s why translating such documents requires native translators for an accurate and word-to-word translation of the original document without making any errors. These sworn translations are authorized or notarized by relevant governmental authorities whether the public notary or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Degree certificate translation could be asked for when applying for permanent residency or citizenship request that makes it an official request that needs to be legalized. As well, many universities and employers demand certified translated degree certificates, and civil or criminal proceedings for the application process. Moreover, the degree-certified translation helps to ensure the acceptance of an individual’s qualifications. 

At Arkan legal translation dubai , we provide the best of everything to maintain our client’s satisfaction. Through certified legal translations for over 150 languages by native translators secure the submission of your documents to the relevant authorities successfully.

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Requirements for a proper degree certificate translation

When you need a degree certificate, diploma certificate, or any other documentation translated into Arabic, you will be expecting a perfect translation by a professional translator and well-proofread to ensure precise and accurate translation. As well, you will need an experienced translator with high-quality standards to guarantee receiving premium quality legal translations.

We can provide you with not only the basic requirements mentioned above but also human translations 100% with over 20 years of experience in the translation industry. That means translating official documents isn’t a big deal to our team. As well, Arkan Certified Translation Services also provides a certificate of accuracy for attesting the authenticity of the translation of the translator, which is always required by official organizations.

Moreover, our translations include:

  • Native Content: translated and proofread by our native translators.
  • Fast Delivery: through an extensive network of translators.
  • Latest Technologies: using emerging techniques in the translation industry
  • Notary-Approved: by the UAE Ministry of Justice, notary, and courts.
  • Accuracy & Cost-Effectively: through our best quality and rates in the UAE translation market.

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Unique Degree Certificate Translation! 

Whether certified or notarized degree certificate translation, both are necessary to be presented to UAE governmental authorities for any legislation inside or outside the UAE. To get procedures into action, you’re only one step apart from efficient legal translation with Arkan Agency, the leading certified legal translation agency in Dubai. 


What do I need to translate my diploma?

All you have to do is to submit your diploma to our website clarifying your whole needs, and someone will contact you immediately to let you know how much it costs and when it will be ready for official use.

Does legal translation align with governmental authorities’ requirements in Dubai?

Surely Yes! Because legal translation facilitates the attestation process of any foreign official documents to be used in the UAE & Dubai.

Arkan Agency: Legalized Translation Services for your Degree Certificate! 

Choosing Arkan Translation Agency is a secure decision with guaranteed outcomes, the reason behind that is our focus on 3 dimensions when translating. These dimensions are: 

  • Reliability: Ensured and witnessed quality from various clients.
  • Professionalism: Working carefully and adhering to deadlines.
  • Affordability: our costs are the best equation of quality to price in the UAE.

That’s why our legalized translations are always accurate and precise for the sensitivity of dealing with official authorities in the UAE.

Don’t hesitate to start translating legalized documents!

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