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Arabic Legal Translation Services

Arabic Legal Translation Services

Arabic numbers are known worldwide, but the Arabic language is less widely used. To connect with customers globally, businesses need to translate their content between Arabic, English, and other languages. However, Arabic poses challenges as it’s written from right to left and is considered challenging to translate and format. To ease this process, Arkan offers comprehensive Arabic translation services, allowing our customers to quickly and effectively translate all their content with quality and speed and making communication smoother.

Arabic Translation Services

Arabic translation services are in high demand because more than 362 million people speak Arabic. Translating to Arabic is tricky, as it differs from European languages. Professional Arabic translators face a challenge in choosing the correct formality, as official and casual Arabic vary greatly. Additionally, the choice of dialect for your project is necessary, given the significant differences in regional variations. Speakers of other dialects do not easily understand some Arabic dialects.

Identifying your target audience precisely is the first vital step for top-notch Arabic translation services. Arabic, an official language in many countries, has considerable regional discrepancies. This makes it essential to choose the correct dialect to ensure effective communication.

Arabic has a cursive script written from right to left, adding another complexity layer. Short vowels are often included, making reading and writing more challenging. In Arabic, sentences are typically made up of two nouns in both verbal and nominal structures. For a successful translation to Arabic, understanding these nuances, complexities, and grammatical rules is necessary for Arabic translators.

Accurate Arabic Translation Near Me services

Are you doing business in Arab countries and need translation between English and Arabic for your marketing, sales, technical, and legal materials? At Arkan Legal Translation,  our professional Arabic translation services offer certified quality at high speed and scale. With one of the largest teams of expert Arabic translators, we specialize in various industries, such as business, engineering, law, medicine, and international trade.

We bring linguistic expertise, subject knowledge, and best localization practices into play to ensure consistent, high-quality Arabic translation services. This enables our teams to provide accurate and efficient legal translation services. 

Our Arabic Translation Services

At Arakn, we’re dedicated to doing great work in many domains. We want to ensure each domain gets the proper attention, customizing our services to fit the unique demands of each area.

  • Arabic legal translation

We know a lot about the law. So, we provide the best “Arabic legal translation near me” services. These services cover everything you need. We provide Arabic legal translation for legal documents such as birth certificates translation, marriage certificates translation, and many other business documents.

  • Arabic technical translation

In technical Arabic translation Dubai, being accurate is super important. That’s why we give these projects to our top Arabic translators. This way, we ensure the translation is spot-on for technical stuff.

  • Arabic website translation

At Arkan, we don’t just translate your website into Arabic; we also consider the culture and preferences of Arabic-speaking people. When we work on translating, we ensure it’s not just about words but about understanding the audience. This way, your website doesn’t just speak the language but connects better with those who speak Arabic.

  • Arabic medical translation

Our Arabic medical translators have extensive experience in translating medical documents. They’ve been working in the Dubai Arabic translation field for a long time. What makes them unique is that they’re also medical professionals. They specialize in various medical disciplines, adding more expertise to their translation work. This combination of language skills and medical knowledge ensures accurate and high-quality translations. 

  • Arabic marketing translation

Translating marketing content into Arabic requires a balance of translation skills and creativity. At Arkan, we collaborate with you to grasp your main message and then skillfully rephrase it in Arabic. This ensures the language is accurately translated and the creative essence is preserved.

  • Arabic editing/proofreading

When we edit, we make the Arabic translation services better for its purpose. After editing, we proofread the document to check it again before sending it out. Proofreading is the last step to ensure the translation is clear and accurate.

  • Arabic transcription

Get accurate transcriptions with Arkan’s 100% human transcription service. No matter if your recording is in Egyptian, Levantine, Gulf Arabic, or any other dialect, our skilled transcriptionists, who are well-versed in the specific dialect, will handle your file. They understand the nuances, ensuring a precise transcription every time.

  • Arabic subtitling

We offer top-notch Arabic subtitling for videos. Our services include translating various video types like documentaries, interviews, tutorials, ads, seminars, and webinars. We ensure our subtitles meet high standards. Whether it’s a documentary or an ad, our audiovisual translation professionals are here to help.

Arkan translates all Arabic dialects

Modern Arabic includes different varieties like Peninsular, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, North African, and Levantine Arabic. Some companies don’t separate these when translating into Arabic. But for content that truly connects with the audience, Arkan lets clients choose specific regions like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or Egypt. This ensures the best linguistic fit. We have expert translators from all major Arabic-speaking countries. Plus, we offer translations into Modern Standard Arabic for formal or government documents. Also, our translators aren’t limited to the Arabic Language, we specialized in French legal Translation, German legal Translation, Russian Legal translation, and many other languages.

Large Arabic translator teams

Alusn Translation Company boasts one of the biggest Arabic translation teams in the language industry. They focus on major fields like life sciences, finance, law, and technology. Our extensive team of Arabic linguists has been assembled in the translation industry for many years.

Thanks to our specialization, we’ve gathered expertise in translating diverse documents. This includes product manuals, marketing collaterals, training courses, financial statements, and legal materials. We aim to simplify language translation for Arabic professionals, making Arkan Translation a trusted choice for accurate and efficient Arabic translation services.

Accurate English to Arabic translation Dubai

Creating quality English-to-Arabic translation in Dubai poses a technical challenge because the translated content needs to be professionally formatted from right to left. Unlike English, Arabic follows a right-to-left writing system. This unique aspect requires language translation agencies to possess desktop publishing (DTP) experience for bi-directional layout. Additionally, having the correct document tools is necessary for efficiently handling the job.

Alsun Translation Company addresses this challenge by offering expert Arabic document formatting services. We specialize in MS Word, InDesign, FrameMaker, and XML, ensuring your content is accurately and appropriately presented in the right-to-left format. With our expertise, your translated content will seamlessly align with Arabic readers’ linguistic and visual expectations.

The bottom line

Arabic translation services require expertise, precision, and a deep understanding of cultural nuances. At Arkan Legal Translation in Dubai, we rise to the challenge, offering a comprehensive range of services that cater to diverse industries. Our skilled translators ensure accuracy and cultural relevance. We recognize the diversity of Arabic dialects and tailor our services accordingly, allowing businesses to connect effectively with their target audience. With one of the largest Arabic translation teams, Arkan has become a trusted choice for those seeking accurate and efficient Arabic language solutions, bridging linguistic gaps and fostering global communication seamlessly.

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