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What is needed to Translate Legal Documents?

What is needed to Translate Legal Documents?

Legal translation is a complex type of translation that requires deep-rooted knowledge of both the source and target language, as well as an in-depth understanding of the laws of the countries involved.

Legal documents are confusing, and it is vital to be familiar with the legal documents required to be translated. 

It is not enough to be proficient in two languages to translate documents in the legal field. Specialized legal knowledge requires years of study and work experience, and numerous skills are needed.

Arkan Legal Translation Company Dubai introduces 9 tips for successful legal translations

Arkan Legal Translation Company Dubai shares 9 essential tips for ensuring accurate and effective legal translations, covering everything from choosing the right translator to reviewing and proofreading your final document.

Communicate with the Client

A golden rule in legal translation is clear communication with the client. Discuss all aspects with the client to save time and effort. Ask for detailed requirements and needs, to know exactly what to translate.

Legal documents include signatures, addresses, names, handwritten notes, and cover pages. So, ask the client what to translate exactly. You need to know the required format, writing font, tables, images, etc.

Legal documents are generally set out as either bilingual documents or in a monolingual format.  So, agree with your client on the formatting style.  Ask for references and glossaries, if any.

Understand the Laws

Knowing two languages does not mean you can translate legal documents. Understanding the laws in both the source and target language is an essential aspect of legal document translation. Laws vary from country to country.

A legal translator must deliver the exact message of the original and all of its legal particularities in the translated document. This means that you first need to have a solid understanding of the laws themselves.  For example, any company providing legal translation services in Dubai needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the legal system in the UAE and another country to deliver accurate and consistent translation.

Avoid Machine Translation

Machine translation can lead to improper translation.  While machine translation can be an easy-to-use and free tool, results can be disastrous in the case of legal translation. 

A professional legal translator cannot depend on machine-translated documents as there can be serious errors. Arkan Translation Office bur Dubai provides 100% legal translation to deliver high-quality and accurate translation services. Our translators are native expert translators to ensure consistency and error-free translations.

Use Reference Material

Professional legal translators use reference materials such as legal regulations, codes legal consult documents, court cases, amendments, and so on to help them during the legal translation process. Reference materials usually help legal translators in using the right term. Such materials are already translated correctly into the target language, so it constitutes a great aid for translators.

Be Updated

A professional legal translator must be updated on any new amendments to existing laws. Any change in the law may affect your translation accuracy, so you need to amend your translated legal documents accordingly.

At, Arkan Legal Translation Dubai we keep ourselves updated with laws and amendments to keep delivery accurate, consistent, and superior legal translations.

Be Accurate

Legal document translation should always be 100% accurate and should follow the particular writing style of the target language. There is n room for mistakes as they could lead to serious legal consequences. Also, legal document translations must be clear without ambiguity to avoid misunderstanding and complications.

Arkan Legal Translation Office Dubai provides accurate legal translations of all types of legal documents. We understand that misinterpretation or ambiguity may affect lives and cost millions, so accuracy is always a priority. Contact us for a free quote.

Seek Legal Advice

Ask a lawyer to review your legal document after translation. It is a good idea to seek assistance from men of law based in the target’s location. If you want to ensure the accuracy of your translated legal document have your translation proofread by a lawyer or a specialized reviewer.

At Arkan Legal Translation Company Dubai, we hire linguists who are subject matter experts to ensure accuracy throughout the document.

Maintain Confidentiality

Legal documents usually contain clients’ data and confidential information. Clients usually want to hire a legal translator that they trust to keep their data and information secure. They may ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement to guarantee the security of their legal documents.

Do not hesitate to sign NDA and provide secure portals for file transfer and make sure to store files properly. Also, avoid using machine translation tools in translating legal documents because such tools save the content. Arkan Translation Services Bur Dubai is committed to maintaining clients’ confidentiality. All our employees are subject to NDAs. Ask about our confidentiality policies.

Meet Deadlines

Time is crucial in legal translation. Deadlines for legal translation must be strict, because any delays in the service may have serious legal consequences. Meet your deadline by planning your translation project well. Arkan Legal Translation bur Dubai provides professional legal translations on time at affordable prices. We value our clients’ time and are committed to assigned deadlines.

For help with legal document translation, contact us we are available 24/7.


Legal translation is not an easy job. It requires experience, knowledge, accuracy, and hard work to deliver professional translations. The last tip for translating legal documents that we can give you is to review your document well as many times as you can to avoid any errors, ambiguity, or mistranslations.

Need to translate legal documents? Trust our expertise. Contact us today to discuss your legal translation requirements and ensure accurate and reliable translations of your documents.

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