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Explanation and Reasons for Equivalency Certificate UAE Rejected

Explanation and Reasons for Equivalency Certificate UAE Rejected

equivalency certificate uae rejected

Introduction: New system replacing continuity of equivalency certificate UAE rejected

After June 2023, the Ministry of Education (MoF) in the UAE issued a new system for equivalent degrees issued by foreign Higher Educational Institutions called “University Certificates Recognition”. This system is mainly used to remove a number of criterion conditions that were present in the previous system “University Qualification Equivalency”.

The new system offered a great likelihood to enhance the recognition process to be efficient and simple, for being able to avoid getting more equivalency certificate UAE rejected while maintaining high-quality and credible educational standards. As well widening adaptable services in completing educational or employment procedures.

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Equivalency certificate UAE rejected meaning

Equivalency certificate UAE rejected means that the application missed any required document or any required information is not completed to get full approval and attestation by the Ministry of Education. Not only educational documents but any document issued from outside the UAE should be fully attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in order to be used inside the country.

That’s why hiring an equivalency certificate UAE agent is the proper step for helping in attesting all the required documents.

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Reasons for getting equivalency certificate UAE rejected

There are many reasons for rejecting an equivalency educational certificate in the UAE. Not applying to one or any of the required documents gets the applicable certification liable to rejection. These reasons are:

  • Required documents or specific needed information not successfully provided.
  • Documents for approving online education or distance education.
  • Mismatching the information on the passport with the information on the educational documented records.
  • When the university is not officially recognized by the Ministry Of Education in the UAE.
  • Supporting documentation not provided, such as a Genuineness Letter, ICA (Identity & Citizenship Authority) Travel Report for entry and exit status, and HSS certificate.

Equivalency certificates in the UAE should be provided conveniently in a sequential order to avoid any rejection or follow-up procedures. That’s why attesting documents guarantee equivalency certificate UAE approval

Types of Equivalency Certificate UAE for Indian Degrees

  1. For Equivalency of General Education Certificate (Grade 12), steps are easier by creating an account on the UAE Ministry of Education website, then picking the type of curriculum (Indian), uploading educational transcripts for the last 3 years (Grade 10,11,12), and all is set for approval for equivalent certificate in the UAE. 

As there could be some additional documents that need to be provided depending on the type of curriculum chosen. The process might take up to 5 days with an average of 50 AED to complete this application.

  1. For Foreign University Certificates, the process might be more complicated than the general education one because it consists of 2 stages. Firstly, Degree Verification from a trusted educational partner. Secondly, Certificate Recognition from that partner. As some additional documents could be needed for certificates related to specialized programs. 

The whole process might take up to 30 days with a minimum fee of 100 AED

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Steps to get an equivalency certificate UAE outside of the country

Before issuing the required documents for completing the process of equivalency certificate UAE attestation, here comes the time to arrange things in a sequential way.

  1. Degree Attestation in UAE: The first step is to have the highest academic degree awarded (Bachelor’s or Master’s) or High School certificate attested by the UAE embassy in the country where they are obtained.
  2. ‘Genuineness Letter’ Application: Sometimes this letter isn’t required for some countries, so it’s better to review countries in the list before preparing any unnecessary documents. This list can be found on the UAE MoE website.
  3. ICA Travel Report Preparation: This report is issued through the Federal UAE Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the UAE. in which this report entails details of entry and exit dates, and passport information.

Now it’s time to know more details of the required documents for each certificate.

Required Documents to prevent equivalency certificate UAE rejected 

To avoid equivalency certificate UAE rejected online, some required documents are needed for both types of educational certifications.

Starting by Intermediate Diploma or High School:

  • Attested transcript from a graduate certificate.
  • Transferred hours transcript in the institute meant (in case the transferred hours were 15 hours or more).
  • Genuineness Certificate (Required for authenticity of the qualification).
  • Legal translation of the certificate or transcript (in case the certificate is in a different language other than Arabic or English)
  • Passport or residence proof in the foreign country that studies meant to be there.

Going to the Higher Degree:

Same documents are required with some additional documents needed to be filed for the postgraduate degree including:

  • Attested bachelor’s degree or any higher degree.
  • Preceding equivalency
  • An official letter from the university validates the starting date of college.
  • If the college name and major are not mentioned in the certificate, an official letter might be needed to validate the name and major by the awarding university.

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Conclusion: Avoiding the Equivalency certificate UAE rejected isn’t a big deal!

To avoid getting an equivalency certificate UAE rejected, particular steps should be followed whether for general certificates or foreign university certificates. Even after rejection from the UAE Ministry of education, appeal requests could be submitted online to have rejected equivalency requests or pre-approval evaluation requests reassessed for initial approval.

That’s why all required documents should be submitted fully & carefully to prevent any back-and-forth unnecessary efforts. Therefore, UAE MoE attestation for the equivalency certificate is a matter of time.


What are the required steps for applying for reconsideration on an equivalency certificate UAE rejected?

To start applying for this service, all you have to do is to register an account on UAE PASS, upload supporting documents, and the application will be reviewed for a final decision regarding this issue. All these procedures are done from this link:

What are the required fees for applying for reconsideration on an equivalency certificate UAE rejected?

Moreover, this whole application is issued for free with no required fees at all.

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