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Leading legal translation services in 50+ languages

Leading legal translation services in 50+ languages

Laws hold a lot of power. That’s why, in legal translation, being clear, accurate, and keeping things confidential is necessary. And that’s exactly what Alsun offers. We’ve got over 15 years of experience in the field, ensuring reliable legal translation services in Dubai.

What are legal translation services?

Legal translation involves translating documents like contracts, agreements, statutes, and patents. These translations are necessary for clear communication between parties from different countries with different legal systems.

Who can handle legal translations?

Specialized legal translators are necessary for these projects. They need in-depth knowledge of their country’s legal system and the target one. Without this understanding, translations might miss important information, causing legal issues.

Legal translators must meet specific qualifications. They should be well-educated and knowledgeable, preferably with a degree in linguistics or law. Experience in translating legal documents into their native language is also essential.

Legal translations accept no errors

Legal translators must be highly qualified because mistakes can have serious consequences. Errors could lead to legal disputes, transaction delays, or damage to international business relationships. Therefore, law firms should rely on experienced and qualified translators to ensure accurate translations of all legal documents.

Arkan provides the best legal translation services in Dubai

With over 15 years of experience and top-notch quality standards certified by all embassies, Arkan offers professional legal translation services in Dubai. We specialize in translating all your documents, be it evidence for a case, legal materials, or business contracts. No matter what languages you need, our certified legal document translation services ensure precision, confidentiality, and speedy delivery to meet tight legal deadlines.

Every word, precisely translated and carefully interpreted

Legal translation can be complicated since it deals with complex and sensitive information. This involves working on different legal documents that must be of the highest quality. When we say quality, we’re talking about translations that are not only free of errors but also clear and easy to understand.

At Arkan legal translation, we aim to manage your legal translation services efficiently. To make this happen, we enlist skilled legal translators with much experience. This guarantees that the translations are not just correct but are also delivered on time. 

Additionally, we place a high priority on maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process. So you can rely on us to handle your legal translation needs effectively.

We provide legal translation services in Dubai for every document

At Arkan, we offer different legal document translation services to meet your needs, including:

1- Court documents translation

Legal systems differ from country to country. To get your translation accepted by the court judge, you should have a skilled legal professional handle it. 

We’re here to assist you in professionally translating various court documents, such as witness statements, appeal memos, affidavits, claim forms, and particulars of claims.

2- Legal agreements translation

Global companies often need to translate various legal agreements, like contracts for employees, suppliers, benefits, and more. These agreements serve different purposes.

Our team includes skilled legal translators who can translate these agreements into the legal language used in the target translation. We ensure all the essential details are accurately conveyed. 

This helps international companies maintain clear communication across borders and ensures everyone understands the terms and conditions.

3- Legal contract translation

We provide accurate legal contract translations to help you make clear and confident decisions. Our experts know the ins and outs of contracts and legal documents. They’re committed to preserving your contracts’ meaning, purpose, and legal importance, even in different languages. 

Our precise legal translation services ensure your contracts retain their essence and significance, helping you handle global business deals, legal conflicts, or international expansion.

4- Immigration document translation

Our legal translation services accurately cover passports, visas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts. We know precisely what immigration authorities need.

We provide fast, globally accepted, and confidential legal translation services, making your immigration journey smoother.

Why choose Arkan?

Our team of legal experts provides top-notch legal translation services in Dubai. We have authorized legal translators and lawyer linguists specializing in different countries’ laws. This expertise is necessary for handling legal documents across borders.

Your translated legal document will be:

  • Legally equivalent and fully operational.
  • Accurate in context, maintaining consistency in technical and legal terminology.
  • Equal to the original document in evidential/probative value.
  • Prepared for immediate use and enforceability in legal proceedings, such as being exhibits to witness statements or part of disclosure for inspection.
  • Customized to your preferences, whether it’s a bilingual, monolingual, or marked-up document.

With Arkan Legal Translation Dubai, your legal translation services are in reliable hands, ensuring smooth cross-border transactions and international legal matters.

Final thoughts

Legal translation services Dubai help people communicate and follow the law in different countries. At Arkan, we take our job seriously when translating complicated legal documents. We’ve over 15 years of experience with a promise to deliver reliable and timely translations that meet the highest standards. Our expert legal translators work in over 50 languages, ensuring the translations are precise, high-quality, and consistent.

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